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  1. Does anyone have a really good Shiki Nananya edit? Something flashy but not to flashy. A good A.I something challenging. Like an edit I had along time ago called "Blue Blood" So yeah please and thank you
  2. YOU FOUND IT!! OMG!! I mean i was the link then i was like "meh the first link is the one i have" then the 2nd link... I fell of my chair cause it was the one THANK YOU!!
  3. This was my first request of this stage. I thank the people that send me the links.. But the one they sent me was the first version of the stage. I will try again and look at the stage carefully and you'll see its different https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ghbIp8wHy0
  4. question is this for 1.0??? https://youtu.be/V77sPsp0SvY
  5. woah that's a sexy screenpack Thank you!!
  6. Dose anyone know a good screen pack for mugen 1.0 I am currently using the Beatmania mugen screenpack! But i am looking for a badass looking for one with at least 100 slots. I am sorry if i'm being annoying!
  7. I am looking for a kyo and Iori. They where made my OPIRUS. I had them but then for some weird reason they got messed up and I did searched around but nothing!
  8. Perfect I really like them both. I wonder what happen to the creator
  9. Anyone has a badass Sachiel??
  10. Woah I haven't seen that character in ages now. But its a good edit. I was looking for him and thank you!!
  11. Ohhh It's KILL's Iori..... Now that you mention it I actually see the similarity of the character.
  12. Thank you very much! Lol I've been lurking in this page for about 3 years. So it was about time for me to join xD
  13. Thank you very much! Well I did posted something in the request page.
  14. Well i'm the new guy in this forum and it's a pleasure to be here. I will try contribute in this forum :3
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