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  1. Any formula 1/monaco esque stage aside from the kof ones?
  2. PIZZA POWER! this is epic and it's good to get more content about the arcade version instead of the snes one Really good job
  3. Thanks for the support for now this go very favorable and no error at all XD About the apple, after hide the lifebar to take the screenshot i noticed that is somewhat empty in the middle of the stage i have to look that, but is still hidden behind the lifebar, anyways that depend on what lifebar the player is using i think XD
  4. Yes i know there is for any section but there's any general one? also thanks about the stage XD
  5. Hello im Smoker Megadrive, an argentine megadrive, touhou, lolis, mechas and mugen fanboy I used this site to get some mugen things for a long time but since i want to start making stage i registered after all XD I hope stay for some time, make friends and all those things PD: my english sucks also where i can view the forum rules? i can't find it D:
  6. This is my very first stage that i made of one of my very favorite game, i made this stage for practice into making these Please don't be so harsh with a newbie XD and i apreciate any feedback and any tips to improve this stage Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!AIhFwLQQ!cNi92qHjPx2mu4XHg4Jrdvzp5at4MNdAqjshRTCn9Oc Note: Don't ask for super jump, simply i don't like it Note2: My english suck i know
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