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  1. Finished DmC, personally, I like it better than the previous titles. The new Dante has more.. uh.. 'emotion'? I think that's the word.

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    2. Daifuku


      The story is somewhat better told though. I'm sure Capcom will make old Dante a DLC costume. Though I can accept the gameplay lacking in it's own way, I do however find myself fond of the new rock type songs they used for the battles. Taste the Blood and Never Surrender got on my nerves after a while in DmC 3 and 4. I dunno, out of personal opinion, old Dante didn't stop making jokes in situations that didn't need them.

    3. ArtistofLegacy


      The dialogue kills the game for me honestly.

    4. Aster


      the fact that Dante didn't stop making jokes was the 2nd BEST part about Devil May Cry. He's like Capcom's Deadpool. If he stopped making jokes, THEN IT WOULDNT REALLY BE ALL THAT FUN NOW WOULD IT.

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