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  1. I was looking at my old posts when I found a reply at a anime post from 5 years ago. I look at where it was posted, and THE LAST POST WAS FROM 2015! Im just thinking if people go to this site anymore.
  2. This is a old post from agust. Well not that old but I dont have 600 character slots anymore, I got a new screen pack.
  3. No. I stared playing mugen in 2019. On my Windows 8.1\ 8
  4. I have a mugen game that has 600 character slots and I have been playing around and watching my fighters fight! But I wana fight too! I know how to do every move except for the sheld. Please tell me how to do this move! Here are my controls: Key Z = A Key X = B Key C = C Key A = X Key S = Y Key D = Z
  5. Hello! My name is GideonEXE!
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