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  1. Hello boys !! I'm release my new character Escanor from Nanatsu no Taisai Its a Hard work because i try to draw the sprites in better quality possible Download here: https://diogomenegao.wixsite.com/nvstheworld/chars A Gameplay: Youtube Escanor Gameplay I really hope everybody enjoy this so much! Thanks for attemption (:
  2. Hello Guys! I'm Sharing with your my Zero Suit Samus, can be turned on Armor Samus Download : https://diogomenegao.wixsite.com/nvstheworld/chars A gamePlay: Youtube GamePlay Zero Suit Samus Sprites By Me Samus Armor Sprites by Ahruon, Orkimedes Thanks!
  3. Hello guys Today I'm sharing with yours a character that i like a lot Tifa Lockhart from final fantasy 7 Gameplay Demonstration Download Link: https://diogomenegao.wixsite.com/nvstheworld/chars Thanks for attention :D Hug!
  4. Haha is a good ideia, but i gonna try some anime characters for now
  5. Hello guys, I'm sharing with yours the Alucard from Castlevania SOTN Download: https://diogomenegao.wixsite.com/nvstheworld/chars I Hope yours like this See ya!
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