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  1. I noticed a lot of these are offline. Does anyone have SYNS KOF97 game?
  2. Sorry to whoever was trying to download my stages before. I forgot to set the permissions to viewers. It should work now.
  3. I got back into Mugen. I am tempted to add more to Marion to make him less like a shoto-clone, I also made an edit to another character I'm tempted to show, and I have been making some simple Minecraft stages. They are not much, but I wanted to show them off. This pack includes stages revolving around Tailfort, a location in the Minecraft Mash-Up pack Animal Kingdom by Cyclone Designs. Finally, the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z0Uy-667ygxPffh9fwPmWO2mx2MlG8vn/view?usp=drivesdk
  4. 😞 Can anyone help me with this? Or even give me some ideas on how to create a setup attack?
  5. Ever heard of Ouchi the creator? I've tried a couple of that person's character is, and they tend to have lockdown AI and are capable of infinite combos, so if you want cheap, you could try Agrias Oaks by Ouchi. The only other character I have by him or her is Yaruo, And it's the same issue is with the AI.
  6. Mugo Urth here. I decided to revisit Marion. I noticed he's a fairly weak Mugen character with short ranged punches and kicks, an uppercut move that keeps the opponent too close to him and attacks that don't do much damage. I can't do much about the range of his attacks without redoing his Sprite files, but I did increase the knock back of his uppercut move, gave his attacks a little more power, give his strong spin tail more range, and gave the super version the ability to send the opponent behind him as a means of getting out of a corner, even though his uppercut move can now do that.
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