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  1. That's insane. That is yet another reason to blacklist the Mugen Archive. I too hope that if they are caught for their piracy that they are made to pay all the money they have to all the companies they have infringed copyrights against and are held accountable for their piracy. This is criminal, and not a single member who donated should ever receive a single penny back and it goes to paying restitution for violating copyright. I'll admit that I had the misfortune of joining the Mugen Archive, first, before realizing their sleazy practices and joined this site. Thankfully, I have never donated any money, not even a single cent, to this criminal site. Now that I know they also pirate copyrighted games, as well, I distrust them even more. Thanks for bringing this up, RicePigeon. As such, we must keep the Mugen Archive blacklisted forever and hope they pay the price for their crimes and selfish greed.
  2. I have found more reasons to dislike the Mugen Archive. Their previous use of AdFly was used for downloading anything from the archive to make money, whether it be characters or stages or even full mugen games or screenpacks. I have learned they have dropped AdFly for advertising to generate revenue, but still ask for donations. This is a big problem. By using AdFly and asking for donations for the Mugen Archive, they are breaking copyright laws to characters they don't own. This is piracy. Marvel, Capcom, SNK, DC Comics and so on and so forth own their characters for their respective intellectual property. Such custom characters, for example, like Superman and Batman, both owned by DC Comics, I consider interactive fan art, and should not be used for profits or monetary gain. Anytime that anyone sells fan art like Mugen characters that resemble Marvel or DC characters is infringing copyright laws on whatever company owns the characters that we, the players and creators, do not legally own. They essentially become bootlegs. Such copyright infringement, as we know it, is illegal, and if Marvel Entertainment, LLC. or DC Comics or Disney, and even Capcom and so forth finds that the Mugen Archive is asking for donations for so called "VIP" status, they can and quite frankly should file a cease and desist order to stop the Mugen Archive from receiving donations for content they do not legally own. Some former users of the Mugen Archive are even locked out of their accounts and are required to make a donation to regain access to their accounts. Again, this is illegal. These mandatory donations are enabling the Mugen Archive to commit piracy for content they do not legally have any copyrights to. With that said, some characters are original works, and originally conceived by actual artists who worked on all the sprites and moves of their original characters. For example, Dragon Claw is an original character created by Singaporean creator Reuben Kee, and he had copyright for his Dragon Claw. Even after his death from a team boating race that drowned him and several of his teammates when his boat tipped over, I believe his surviving family now own the rights to Dragon Claw, even though he is still available to download for free, which I am grateful that they still allow players to download him and add to their Mugen. May Reuben Kee rest in peace. With that said, I hope these points I have brought up helps all of us understand that they are breaking copyright laws and are committing piracy with these so called donations that they for some players are mandatory for them to even access anything. To finish this post off, I'll leave a link for a video by True Gamer on YouTube for his input on the Mugen Archive, as this video helped me with my post. You all take care, and have a good one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh2fOb8CiGQ
  3. Another point to dislike the Mugen Archive: let's not forget the "community weekend event" that prohibits inactive users from downloading from Mugen Archive, in which, according to Dizzy, is intended to be a community growing event to become more "active members." This sort of thing is ridiculous and is another reason that so many former members, like myself, have turned away from the Mugen Archive. As such, we cannot control what they do with their website or their actions. We can only control what we can do about our lives and just move on past the Mugen Archive and join better sites like Mugen Free For All. Another thing to know is if the moderators there like Dizzy keeps their bad antics up, eventually, they will end up losing so much support and won't be as active as they'd like to be. As for you're ban from the site, Modo_ekitz, I'm sorry to here about it. As we know, they are nothing but a bunch of immature hacks who doesn't know how to run a website properly. We just have to move on from the Mugen Archive and never look back. That is all I have to say about the archive in this post for now. And as Dissidia already said on this topic, "welcome to the club."
  4. Understood, Ryou. It will be a pain to go through the entire forums just to make new links to content that could become unavailable because of the lawsuit. Let's hope for the best, and that we don't have to go through the hard process of creating such links.
  5. Hey, guys. Just a heads up: Some of the available DC characters on this thread are from a delisted site by ZVitor that was added to Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. The Internet Archive is currently facing a legal first class action lawsuit for mass copyright infringement by four major book publishers over the Internet Archive's digital eBook lending services. The Wayback Machine is owned by the Internet Archive, and if the operators of the Internet Archive loses this lawsuit, it may mean that the Internet Archive and Wayback Machine may have to shut down if the court judge decides to. I would recommend if possible to upload any DC Comics characters and any other character or stage on the Wayback Machine of any kind to another file sharing service should the Internet Archive lose the lawsuit. I'll have an article linked down below my post for you to check out. You all take care, and have a good one. https://www.npr.org/2020/06/03/868861704/publishers-sue-internet-archive-for-mass-copyright-infringement
  6. I've found another version of Samus in her Other M Varia suit by OHMSBY. I'll have a link in this post for the creator's site with the character and other characters. https://sites.google.com/view/ohmsby-mugen/characters And here is the home page of OHMSBY's mugen site, in case you want to know the source of the Samus character. https://sites.google.com/view/ohmsby-mugen/home?authuser=0 Take care, and have a good one.
  7. Hey, Ryou. I have another version of Batman Beyond for you to check out by ALEXIQ & SPIDERBAT & AA250. The only difference is that this Batman Beyond's "Dark Knight Destroyer" super move involving Bruce Wayne in the bat armor uses only one bar of super from the super meter, instead of all three bars from the super meter. This did come from the Mugen Archive when I've downloaded it before switching to MFFA. I've just thought you might want to check this out if you want to add it to the collection, since they are different versions of the character. Also, I want to say good job on this collection you have so far. Just take your time to update it as you can as more characters are discovered. Have a good one. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SgF8sGF-XY0F268dXNmEUaCf9Zbk-aEz/view?usp=sharing
  8. I know. It says on my end "server IP address could not be found" and "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED." I just thought I might help with finding alternative links to REDHOT's character edits.
  9. I have found a working downloads page to REDHOT's MvC2 character edits. Here is the link: http://marvelvscapcomextreme.000webhostapp.com/marvel-vs-capcom-2-characters---m.u.g.e.n.html Hope this helps with updating the collection.
  10. The links to REDHOT's character edits seems to not work anymore. The site appears to have been taken down. This collection may need to be updated with new links to REDHOT's character edits.
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