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  1. New update 4 years and 1 account change later. I was bored during quarantine, so I decided to make actual portraits for Knuckles. He's still a very rusty first creation, but hopefully this makes playing as him slightly less painful. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ub1b4mooijd1xfq/AACIbGUAJdNUlP-BpuOJMjkCa?dl=0
  2. I've updated the character with your criticisms in mind. What's been fixed: Moved most sprites down one or two pixels to properly line up Shrek's foot with the floor (updated picture in OP to reflect this change) Tweaked damage on attacks for more balance, all attacks now deal around the same damage and are effective options Added startup and recovery frames to standing punch and kick Added recovery frames to crouching attack Added startup and recovery frames to the jumping attack (you can only use it once per jump) Added CLSN2s to taunt animation and jumping attack What still needs work: Still only really has 4 attacks (2 grounded, 1 crouching, 1 aerial) despite being a 6-button character Still no special moves (I'm working on it) By the way, what version of Fighter Factory are you using? I made this character in Fighter Factory Studio.
  3. Well... It's been forever since I really did anything MUGEN related. So I made a new character! Here's Game Boy Color Shrek! Based off Shrek - Fairy Tale Freakdown, the first Shrek videogame, and weirdly enough, it's a 2D fighter on the Game Boy Color. Made using the game's sprites (with some frankensprites thrown in for good measure) and custom alternate palettes, it's in a beta state (about 85% complete), but I'd need help programming the rest. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/unk82cuetzq0ve6/AABaC53Gp7_i3UE7DRp3iErOa?dl=0 "The result of two month's work." He's technically a six-button character, but doesn't have unique attacks assigned to each button. He has one grounded punch and kick, one grounded punch, and an aerial attack. Remember the game this character comes from was on Game Boy Color, which had a grand total of two non-Start buttons with A and B. I still need to add two special moves from the original game, and maybe some more custom palettes. Try him out and see what you think! This is my best creation yet, but that's not saying much... [DISCLAIMER: This character uses sprite rotation, and as such, will only properly work on M.U.G.E.N 1.1. However, the character stills works with 1.0. It's just that for a few frames for some"get hit" animations, the "get thrown" animation, and the startup frames of the aerial attack, the CLSN2 boxes won't line up with the character sprite.]
  4. By the way, I moved to a new computer, so if the Mediafire link goes down, it'll stay down. (Probably for the best, since I'm re-visiting this & trying to make it half decent.) PS: I coundn't log in to my account, & after an hour, I said fuck it & just made a new one.
  5. Please do, my character admittedly kinda sucks. I made it in an hour. EDIT: Where the heck did I get these?
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