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  1. Awesome! Good to see ya playing the game, though either me or you have to send friend requests using friend codes. Either way; here's mine: VTT4NL
  2. Fine then. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And if you want more beat'em up games, might if I recommend you Sega's Yakuza series?
  3. First of all; Have you play Tekken 3's, 4's, 5's or 6's beat'em up modes? What if there was a fighting game spin-off of SoR (Streets of Rage), would you feel weird about it? Second of all; SNK has nothing to do with KoF:AS besides authorizing the developer, the game's developed and handled by a South Korean gaming company Netmarble.
  4. I mean you CAN play some 3 on 3 matches there but alright, fair enough, it's fine if you don't like. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I ain't gotta force you to play the game for me or anything but hear me out for once; they're held a refund event for players to get 20k (10k for newcomers) of (Event, aka timed variant) Rubies which is the special currency of the game used to buy summons (For example; 100 rubies for one fighter summon, 900 for ten.) etc., earning them isn't really that hard, it's actually pretty easy to earn but grinding them is what makes it a bit tedious, personally, I'm fine with grinding Rubies
  5. It seems nobody's discussing something about KoF:All Star nor acknowledge it's existence. So I decided to bring it up now since I noticed my friends list filled with almost inactive players and I have been playing the game since launch day (Global ver.), i'm planning to unfriend some inactive players from my list but for now, feel free to send me friend requests (English speakers only) so we could do some (PvE) power up grinding together and do some (PvP) friendly matches! (Profile screenshot shown below.) For more info about KoF:All Star; click here! I also made a wishlist for future
  6. So I screenshoted and created a sprite template of CvS2's lifebar portrait for easier character cropping. Feel free to re-edit the template whenever you like as long as you credit me for creating the template. 🙂 Enjoy!
  7. My name is Omar Elkahky, I'm currently 18-year old, still livin' in Egypt, the reason that i'm here is the fact that I used to get characters and stages back when I was a kid, It was (If not) my favorite website to ever find anything here, so I decided to create an account just for that, but that again, I'm not a creator so...ehh...? Well, besides fighting games and beat'em ups, I play tons of Racing games, FPS/TPS games, MMO's (duh!), and lots of other sh*t. So feel free for chat here or add me on Steam (or If you want to play with me.) by clicking here! ----------------
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