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    Love mugen wish i could make my own chars
  1. i like the MARIO but will also keep the old one
  2. best looking jill i must say some time this year i here some body will make a good wesker
  3. wow looks cool but when i went to download it was to much maybe it was the brandy i was drinking
  4. Mindless button mashing lol ok but some fighting games if you push any button you lose especially in vs's Your Only A Winner In The End If win
  5. Sephiroth i have to at least try people are simon cowelling it
  6. Had theses stages before and lost them good stages makes your mugen feel nice
  7. GOUTETSU your right vampiron ever heard of this guy will try anyway
  8. Thanks "Greenzed" link is dead and i like this stage Black chaos thanks for posting
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