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Click in the author link to download. If you had any MUGEN material related, you're free to post in this topic.


PLAYER SELECT - Hiryū no Ken: Ougi no Sho / Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll



Ryuhi and Tusk Soldier by Borewood


PLAYER SELECT - Hiryū no Ken S: Golden Fighter / Ultimate Fighter



Ryuhi by AnkokuNaitou





Ryuhi, Hayato Go, Min Min, Gregg/Wiler and Yuka by AnkokuNaitou || Suzaku and Albert Roseman by Hanyu-maru


CH-SDH-darkw.png     CH-SDH-daddy.png

Dark Warrior and Daddy by Kain the Supreme


PLAYER SELECT - SD Hiryū no Ken Gaiden 2



Ryumaou by Hanyu-maru


PLAYER SELECT - Virtual Hiryū no Ken / Flying Dragon


redfalc_fld.png     raima_fld.png

Red Falcon and Raima by bumble_vin



Shanghai Kid and SD Hiryū no Ken Stages by mh777 || SD Hiryū no Ken Stages by Cenobite 53 and AnkokuNaitou || Ultimate Fighter's Dojo Stage by Zion

SD Hiryū no Ken 2 Stages by Cenobite 53 || NES Flying Dragon Ryuhi and Tusk Soldier Stages by Borewood

SD Hiryū no Ken's England Stage by Kain the Supreme || Stages by Hanyu-maru



Sound Rips by Electrocaid || Ultimate Fighter's Ryuhi, Min Min and Falcon Sprites Rips by Wing Wang Wao

SD Hiryū no Ken Fighters Rips by Uracle || SD Hiryū no Ken Daddy's Stage Rip by Davias || AI Patches for Hanyu-maru chars by guykazama

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On 17/05/2017 at 0:33 AM, Ryoucchi said:

Hey bruh, here's Suzaku by Hanyu-Maru.!107&cid=BD490209893AF833


Theres also tons of stages inside the stage folder.

Thanks a lot bruh! :D
Added them and also Ryumaou and Albert Roseman by Hanyu.

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