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Suzaku Castle And Sky Arena (BOTH 1.0)

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Hey Everybody Emerald here well in the past time doing some mugen stuff like what charcter or stage or life bar i wasgonna make but for now im releasing my first 2 stages


Update SC'S Download Link:


Suzaku Castle From SFII And SSB4 : https://mega.co.nz/#!a8sWRDjD


Decrypt Key: ObXt_AwACwddDI3qmThtB6CRsqp_c_aKV_e1KZq0t-E





Sky Arena From T3: https://www.sendspace.com/file/7s66xc





Hope all of you can enjoy my stages

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many virus in SC

you didn't accidently download that sendspace-accelerator program did you? because if you did that what happens when you activated on your PC. :-P


you have to make sure you download the file direct from the link and check-off  that option before you hit the download button.

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