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  1. We made a Discord Server for the project, feel free to join, give your opinion, and share ideas. https://discord.gg/tDRYbDb
  2. We opted to not make mavericks at start, because we want everything on 32 bits (no style clash) and because the humanoid characters are easier to handle, but if we have success releasing the game with the main roster, the next step will be make extra characters, and this includes mavericks, our first pick was Magma Dragoon for obvious reasons. If only people convert x1-3 mavericks to x4-6 style...
  3. Rods made a video showcasing command mission X, even with this character not being present on the first demo, is completed, and will be avalible on the game release And posting Alia early development, as you can see, she is based on X8 with some custom features and a full improved spritesheet, not only that but Zero is being reworked to fit the new systems and gameplay And last but not least almost all the sprites for the demo are done, we need only Zero stage and start to code the special features for the demo release. So as a spriter I am working on the upcoming characters, with some dedicated spriters helping, we managed to revamp Vile spritesheet So thats it I know that is not too much progress, but we are working hard, and hope you enjoy our work. See ya
  4. The Game is developed by AlexDX4, Rocklu, Rods. and me FXFreitas, with plans for 8 Playable characters for the first version, we are making it from scratch, with our own game-play and trying to get everything as balanced as possible. About the game-play, the hardest part of the development, was finally managed to balance it to fit in a fighting game and keep the essence of each character, thanks to months of testing and This Demo that still avalible but is far from the current progress, we improved and refined those characters based on the feedback of this old demo. If you wanna play it, be aware that characters are old betas and play very diferent now. All characters play at same way: Light Attack - Basic Light movement, quick and weak, you can combo it with any move Medium Attack - Basic Medium movement, balanced, you can combo it with any move except the light attack. Strong Attack/Launcher - Basic Strong movement, heavy and slower, you can combo it with most of super moves Personal Skill/Breaker - Personal skill is a unique move, normally the signature move of each character, Like X's Buster Shot. Dodge - A kind of phantom dash, you move forward with invincible frames and can avoid everything, be aware that you can't cancel it in other moves. Overclock/Overdrive - A Unique boost, you can use only if the overclock bar is on 50% or higher and, able to use a ultimate attack named Overdrive, i.e.: X wear a armor during the overclock period. Super Moves - Like any fighting game, you have shoryukens and sonic booms here and there, each character have your own set of supers, some characters share super moves, but we are trying at maximum to make them play differently. Hyper Move - All characters have a hyper move, that burns half of the power bar, during the overclock state the hyper move change on some characters. Playable Characters: X, Axl, Zero, Alia, Iris, Vile, Dynamo, Gate. We have plans for more characters if the project get success. One of them is command mission X, that will be available only with the game release: Around 2019, we have plans to release a public beta, with four playable characters, and Boss-Only Sigma on Arcade Mode, but Overclock will be disabled. For more Videos, Check AlexDX4 Channel.
  5. Well. RESURRECTION!!! Hirst Released a version of Iris, Using my Sprites: http://www.geocities.jp/kusousekai321/Iris.html Hope you guys like it
  6. My Real name isn't a secret but anyways: Felipe X. Freitas The X stands for Xavier.
  7. Yeah I am sure rsrs I found Shircan's Site, with his updated Creations: http://shircan-megamanxmugen.somee.com/Default.aspx You can find his original characters and commander yammark, rainy turtiod, blizzard wolfang, X, Zero, Magma dragoon, blade and ultimate x
  8. Ok Mr. Basara, I'll contact my friends and talk about your collection. rsrs we already have a Website with all creations, I need to talk with Alex about the register thing, but In same forum of Alex Creations, I have my owns too. I have my creations In mugenguild, and pão de mugen as well.
  9. Missing Character Ekkusu: An edit of Austin's X, part of Megaman Max Power (from mega mugen team) Link on Video Description (lol I'm looking for a preview because only found dead links and the last tentative to take a video the links comes together e.e)
  10. Mediafire Links for Art12345 Characters: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/mexaman-x-zero-lumine-and-ultimate-armor-release--160599.0.html
  11. Well, Depends of your gameplay style, Austin X isn't good at all... Looks more a WIP than a character DragonFaku is good gamelike Gustavo Carvalho and Tomislav Lukic are Edits of Nightmare X (Ard-Kiro), but very complete Ninja is a WIP My Version is Special Edited, very complete Ha I Remember Another Thing! Fusion Make 2 Megaman Characters, X and Zero gamelike but X is a WIP. The collecion only have Zero, but X is missing http://www.trinitymugen.net/forum/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=item421
  12. @Basara-kun Eeehr More works for our staff: Art12345 made 2 Versions of X: Using GregarLink10's Sprites http://mugenfull.get-forum.com/t1302-hunter-x?highlight=hunter+X or http://megamugenbrasil.ucoz.com/forum/2-80-1 Using iOS Sprites http://mugenfull.get-forum.com/t1170-megaman-x1-ios or http://megamugenbrasil.ucoz.com/forum/2-71-1 I think Shircan Made a Blizzard Wolfang too, It in the same link of his other characters... This forum being very hard to load here reason for this double post, hope all get fixed *-*
  13. Mr. Basara, I know Some missing Characters. Blade Armor X and Ultimate Armor X made by Shircan (can be found in producciones andromeda) http://prodandromeda.ucoz.com/forum/6-1610-1 Some Gustavo Carvalho Characters Still Missing (Can be found in Mugen Full Forum, obs.: some are just Edit of Nightmare X) This thread have some but not all are made by him just posted by him... http://mugenfull.get-forum.com/t1084-gustavos-all-chars#4918 Art12345 (art1998) made a nice version of Zero http://mugenfull.get-forum.com/t1711-rmx8-zero#7620 The author Megaman X4 is now named as Alex D. X4, he made some few more characters (Axl, Blaze Heatnix, Vile) http://megamugenbrasil.ucoz.com/forum/2-3-1
  14. One of AI activation commands is a usable command, or you changed something in ai controller (example: Command "AI" = a,b,z,x,s,c,z,U,D,a+b+c, this is a impossible command to do for a player, if you change this the character start the AI when you do the command). In mugen 1.0 tha AI controller is the "Ailevel >= 1", if AI level is >= (higher than or equal) 1, he enter in AI mode.
  15. Hi all, I'm Working again In other of my old projects, Zero X1, This version is a full Remake, reworking every made thing. Whats done? Basic Moves - 100% Basic Attacks - 95% Combos - 80% Supers, Hypers - 20% AI - 0% Will be released soon.
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