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  1. Is nice to see someone still making palettes. I use to make them constantly when I first joined mffa. They look awesome!
  2. Hahaha I just watched this! What a great movie
  3. Tag12

    Post Fanart Thread

    I hope some batman fanart is welcome Did these in school a few years ago for my senior year exam in art class Batman sketch Joker scratch art
  4. -work place issues i go to work at 1 in the morning 7 days a week. still get minimum wage after 2 years cus bakers dont get raises apparently. My regional manager hates me cus i guess nobody has the guts to talk back to him and give thier opinion other then me... in the last 2 years i've had 3 days off, i just want to hang out with my friends every now and then but they either call me to hang out to late or im so tired cus i was up all night baking so i dont go. and i cant just go find a new job cus no one wants to hire a high school drop out so im stuck here and thats the worst part
  5. the Christmas episode description is something along the lines of stewie hatches a plan to get what he wants most. brian will be back and i bet you will find out its Vinny the new dog who was driving the car. Also if you read the interview the writer says they wanted to see what the next couple of episodes will be like, so this isn't anything permanent
  6. i cant believe people are still actually posting in this thread lol
  7. my brother showed me this and i laugh everytime i watch it
  8. i have to go to work at 2am so i go to sleep like 11 and wake up at 1
  9. seeing everyone go back and forth with this kid and him not understand it at all is just making me laugh
  10. Tag12


    i would think why did i not listen to my mom when she told me to look both ways before crossing the street
  11. CONGRADULATIONS! thats awesome! im doing good, im working now. cody is great he is manager of dunkin donuts now and got himself a girlfriend who he is probably going to end up marrying at this rate. twrs moved about 4 hours away so i dont see him as much as i use to but we still talk everyday. kid use to practicly live at my house its weird not seeing him all the time but we're still pretty close
  12. lol im good! been checking out the forum lately. nice seeing some older members are still here. how are you doing?
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