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    You could give me a like for posting this here, but you are free to refuse.

    1. Xiristatos


      Behaving like this is simply common sense for me. Like, it's really not that hard to understand that one shouldn't demand requests like a stuck up shithead that you just want to run over with a steamroller. Don't be a dick, easier done than said.

    2. ShinzakiK


      The more you know

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    Blink blink blink

  3. tumblr_orata7YACn1qkvbwso1_500.png

    Assuming you actually have a loved one.

    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      The power of boners.

  4. tumblr_o84az8AH981qkvbwso1_500.png

    Not much has changed, has it? Except instead of books, it's things with a screen.

    1. Pluscross


      ...Generational worries... They're a beaut.

    2. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      cellphones are great for a lot of things, but I never thought books should be one of them, I've always preferred physical copies of books, never digital, but that's just me. It's kinda sad how many college students (roughly 42%) never read a book after graduating. Either books aren't as interesting or we are just a society getting dumber as the years go by. 

  5. tumblr_o7upiaeLAB1qkvbwso1_500.png

    So....what IS art?

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    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Since abstract art is a thing...well, art could be just anything.

    3. Big Green
    4. SSBK65


      Art is one's free will to think up of anything, it's a visual idea. 

  6. tumblr_oqy2g9fJr71qkvbwso1_500.png

    Looking to pick up girls? Get a dog.

    1. Masterhand128


      Basically, the bests friends for unmarrieds.



    2. Ricepigeon


      I was going to say a witty double entendre with an underlying sexual connotation but I can't think of any...

  7. Wouldn't it be better to include someone that isn't in GR as well?
  8. Rival Schools lifebar. Forgot who made them though.
  9. A journey over a decade in the making, but the Samurai has finally returned to the past.

  10. tumblr_oq0o5rFZem1qkvbwso1_400.png

    Well, we're all trolls anyway.

  11. tumblr_opwt7frrZO1qkvbwso1_400.png

    Maybe you never had friends to begin with...

    1. Алексей


      Sounds about right.

  12. And just how do you expect people to help if you don't even know where to start?
  13. I just realized that Ed is a combination of Bison and Bison.

  14. tumblr_opg6v5a9OK1qkvbwso1_400.png

    So you can avoid the horrible experience of a bad Mugen character or a broken AI by playing Tetris.

  15. tumblr_onv163DwoN1rw70wfo1_500.png

    Arguments could be made that a Fire Emblem styled Pokemon game would have been better than what we actually got.

    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Or maybe if the game was made before the persona 4 craze, we could've got something different too...



    2. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Or the Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates craze too.

    3. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      Gotcha! you caught a Roy!

  16. I got BBCF since it was on sale and I was thinking of getting it at some point and...


    Why does every character feel and play much different than what I remember from back in CS days? Feels like I can't carry anything from past games into this one.

  17. tumblr_op51whkkv21qkvbwso1_400.png

    I don't think this game has much replayability...

  18. Been playing Mario Kart 8 again since bro keeps hogging the PS4 so much. I think that since I didn't get to play online on it as much, it takes a while for the game to pair me up with people that can actually contest my first place position without requiring me to get royally screwed by items. Otherwise, I pull ahead too much for that blue shell to matter.

  19. There's still DLC guys. She could still show up in Season 2.
  20. tumblr_ooy0bahV5u1qkvbwso1_400.png


    I would rather not find out what kind of drunk I become...

    1. Ricepigeon


      I'm somewhere between Hemmingway and Eddie Murphy

    2. Ricepigeon


      ..or Jerry Lewis if you prefer his interpretation

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      The 'unavailable' Dos Equis guy defines the tactfully unmentioned Tres Equis type?

  21. tumblr_oo7o0fRYN91qkvbwso1_400.png

    This probably happens a lot to Yukari with her constant gap traveling.

    1. Pluscross


      Dang it, you HAD me... And then...

    2. Ricepigeon


      New canon confirmed

  22. If you play these characters don't shake my hand in tournament
    Hong Meiling
    Lie Meiling

  23. Yes, she did. In a later update. The only character that debuted in that gane was Suika though.
  24. tumblr_onv7zpOGzk1qkvbwso1_400.png


    Hope it was worth it.

    1. Ricepigeon


      Makes you wonder if they're both currently dying of moon rock poisoning. If they somehow die before we can upload their brains into a computer, can we do it to Caroline instead? :P

    2. Darkflare


      I think a pair of idiots seems like a bad idea to have for back up brains to run dangerous experiments.

    3. Ricepigeon


      Can't be any worse than what a single idiot managed to do during his brief tenure.