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  1. "No need to rush yet. Wait for the others to be ready. I told you I wanted two teams, didn't I? I want you all to discuss how you want to be split once everyone is here. Trust me on this one."
  2. "Tried to get some information late night but had to abort before I risked losing one of my robots. The meeting room will have to wait. We can't proceed further without knowing just exactly what each of you is capable of."
  3. "Certainly. Please follow me." The mecha maid would lead Light to Flare who wasn't too far off. "You're already done eating, Light? Did any of the others finish as well?"
  4. "Don't talk with your mouth full." The mecha maid says as she walks past the group.
  5. The world record for most days a city has been in a blackout is 66. We're a week away from breaking that record here.


    Then again, I'm not even going to be here for the week since I'll be out of the country.

  6. tumblr_ozflufhMcQ1qkvbwso1_400.png

    The easiest way to her heart is through her stomach.

  7. "Please refrain from opening your mouth while you have food in it." To Lightflare, the Mech-Hisui's appearance would be rather sudden... OUTSIDE WARRIOR'S HANGOUT The bounty hunter known as Shrike had arrived in front of the hangout. She took a moment to look at the building. "It's even bigger than I initially thought. This could easily rival the size of one of Overwatch's old headquarters. ... Warrior's Hangout....just what kind of place is this supposed to be?"
  8. "No, it's perfectly fine. I'll have your orders prepared."
  9. "Understood. I'll have your meals prepared." The Mech Hisui bows before leaving.
  10. "As I told Light-san, I must recommended that you do not eat until you're completely full. Especially if you're going to do a lot of movement shortly after."
  11. "......." "While I can't stop you, I must recommend you reconsider the quantity of your portions. It is not a good idea to eat until you're completely full, 80% is acceptable."
  12. "We have a variety of breakfasts available ranging from pancakes, sandwiches, omelettes, oatmeal and cereals." "Let me know when you have made a decision."
  13. "Unfortunately no. The only thing I've figured out is that they have the numbers to immediately swarm to an area if they suspect trouble. Perhaps that could be used to our advantage, but there is another matter we have to take care of first." "I do know how to take care of it. For now, just go eat something. And think about who you want to be grouped up with. I want 2 teams."
  14. "Allow me to answer that. It's only free to those that are part of my group." Flare approached Kirimuri. "Given the circumstances and hoq we all have a big battle ahead of us, I'll be granting some of these priviledges. When you're done wandering around head to the upper floors for your breakfast. And while you're at it, start thinking about who you want to be grouped with. I plan to have two teams." VERVE INN Mycale began to struggle to force herself awake and get out of the bed. Despite having woken up multiple times early in the past, she still hasn't figured out how to actually be a morning person. Even so, she proceeded to prepare herself for the day nonetheless. "The others should be waking up soon. Hopefully, I have not made an error in judgement as my escort." SHRIKE SAFEHOUSE Once the light of day made itself known, Shrike wasted no time in inspecting her gear. Everything seemed to check out. She checked her ammo, special darts filled with a lethal poison. It only took a few doses of it to drop anyone. And another set that would have the complete opposite effect healing their targets instead of hurting them. Once she confirmed that everything was in place, she proceeded to exit her safehouse and head toward the Warrior's Hangout.
  15. "Perhaps. Who knows what fate has in store for us all? Well, I must head back. Stay safe out there and try to avoid staying out so late alone again. And I'm sure your friend is fine." Her side escort mission done, Shrike begins to head back to her safehouse.
  16. "Very well. Lead the way, I'll keep you safe."
  17. Demitri Maximoff (POTS style) by Jmorphman

    That's a character showcase/demonstration, not a review. Two different things.
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    Seriously, what the hell is art?

    1. MissingLuigi


      I bet, if I drew a painting of a dick in front of a rainbow, they would all praise me for my "gay-supporting message" that the painting displays.

  19. Ok so, from what I understand, most people's choices for Game of the year this year are between a Nintendo game and a Nintendo game.

    1. Doomguy


      It's been a while since Nintendo has done anything noteworthy...

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      "It's been a while since Nintendo has done anything noteworthy..."


    3. Pluscross


      What else is new...

  20. Coming soon from the creators of Pokemon GO(and some other game nobody cared about)


    Harry Potter GO

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      It will be dead within a month or two anyways.

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    I'm an ass because I care.

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      White Ranger

      If you wasn't we'd probably think you were sick or something xD 

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      And here I thought it was the other way around...silly me.

  22. "It seems to me he had other ideas aside from being your shield. But I suppose something must have happened that seperated you two. As for your friend getting into trouble, I've heard there was a group of troublemakers in the slums. Although, I'm not so sure your friend would go to such lengths to be labeled a terrorist. Nevertheless, as I said before it is late right now. If you would like,I can escort you back to your home, I'm sure he will think to check on you by going back there. I may not look like it, but I can still take care of myself even at my old age."
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    The numbers Mason. What do they mean?

    (CoD: Black Ops spoilers)

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  24. Shrike continued to watch the area. She checked every corner, potential enemy sniping spots, ambush areas. Clear in all areas. She checked them multiple times. Nothing out of the ordinary, except for the lone girl on the bench. Shrike began to get down from the room she had turned into her personal safehouse. This action was against her instincts as a veteran soldier, but it aligned with her maternal instincts. Even back in the day, she was seen as a mother to her men. The eye of Horus watching them and striking down their enemies just so they came back home. She was aware than even her enemies had someone waiting for them and every life she took weighed down on her. It was unfortunate, but if she didn't take their lives, they would have taken the lives of those she herself cared about. Her missing right eye a reminder of the time she failed to do so. After a minute or so of walking, she approached the girl as she slid up her visor, her face visible to her. "Are you all right, young lady or perhaps you are waiting for someone? It's very late, one shouldn't be alone out here." @Sinjik