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  1. I have no idea if i made a introduction if i did it was so long ago i forgot . Anyways, My name as the title states is soul390 you might have known me from other sites like youtube or Steam. the one on steam is soul-gram but that is beside the point :l. I like mugen a lot since i see the 1st version of it i admit i one of the "Winmugen users" but i thank the work of the original makers Elecbyte and the fellow fans(if though some should have asked 1st you know who you are) :(. Anyways it is good see fans of many thing team all in the "Everything vs Everything" 2d customized fighting game that we know and love. So to all players, creators, music makers, and everyone else in between no matter who you are you are awesome and keep being also. Thanks from The Observer of the Third phoenix of Mirror and Shadow from space that watches over the Milky way :) Soulvent(souvent) James Tokage(shadow phoenix). p.s If i sounds like i am overconfident or Big-headed I am not. it is just i was very shy in my childhood cause a relative i known died(and that relative's death caused me to close my heart a little in honor of him) Lord bless his soul :(. Anyways, long story short when my father died, in a way my grandfather(the mentioned relative that i say in the last sentence) spoke to me in my heart said not to keep myself bottle up and be yourself. With that(I know the Lord appear to me with the image of my father also to other religious or atheist people i wish not to offend you with my regilion words ok). I found the closure to find open up and be myself i still act shy some times but for the most part i can understand what others say with some confidence now :).
  2. I'm thinking of making a mugen character either from scratch or from a base from infinity mugen or another popular site that dealing with mugen. Wish me lick :OhYeah:

    1. Galvatron



      Umm...... you mean "Wish Me Luck"

      LOL! but its cool! XD


      .Good luck Man! :-)

    2. soul390


      Yep Galvatron you are right i messed up that vowel again >_<!

    3. soul390


      Jeez my spoonisms is bad.... i need to focus some more to bad i am lagging like trash on my laptop. But my ideas are still fresh i just need a templete to see how to do it...

  3. Just got back here good to see some changes here :)/Happy new year to all. i will see if i can make some chars or stages here.:goodmood:

  4. actually ryoucchi there do the male operating systems do appear on nijikaku(i 0played nijikaku 5.0) and some other chars appear too.
  5. Excuse me is that existed a kula edit by the name of reak.f? I have checked on the mugen wiki and that is no proof she exists. Also if that is proof that E-youmu exists?
  6. Greetings fellow mffa members. I'm soul390 of the sjf/fjs(special justice force/foundation of justified specialists).I have come here because of my interest of mugen and the various mugen chars created by fellow members yourselves. I wished to create a mugen char and contribute to 2d fighting game that is mugen to show that i not just here to use others creations but to know that i support mugen as any other member does. so as i concluded have a nice day and do not be afraid to ask me about anything. sincerely a noobie soul390