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  1. Everyone looking for a working link check this out http://www.mediafire.com/file/j43h18j6mnx44bu/3_vs_3_patch_for_Mugen_1_0_an.rar
  2. This one is basically a Neo-Geo sticker with some little changes, I felt like it was such a nice concept that it made me create a template for others to use. Here is what it looks like: It's a .PSD file with multiple layers so you can easily edit it with most graphic programs. The font on the megabyte display is Helvetica, though you can use other, similar fonts without making it look weird. Download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s2gf70b8bw4w4fj/MUGEN_NeoGeo_Template.zip/file
  3. Damn, a lot of those tracks sound awesome! I love how a lot of them have their own unique melody as a loop. Since they all use the same instruments a lot of them sound quite similar, which makes some tracks less memorable than others. I can't say it's the type of stuff I am going for in my mugen project, but i can see this working in a street fighter -esque game. Keep it up! Favorite track: 24. The Gridtrix