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  1. Dyspo w/ Super Maximum Light Speed Sic-1 (sprite-rodrigol videla) (edit-coldskin1) Dyspo is fast and op heal bug
  2. Coldskin1 random mugen videos
  3. Goku Black by LegendTTA, edit by coldskin1 WARNING CHARACTER IS OP fast pace edit of black goku with new custom moves and supersD,B,x+yD,F,x+yteleport combolink:
  4. Powerscaling Hulk? Renegade + edit by coldskin1 something i was trying to do almost a year ago Now enemy 20+ combos pisses the hulk off pretty much most edit character kof boss syndrome attacksNov1 update power beyond lvl 30 now hulk can still to a power where it seems like for ever unless you press spacebar, f3 or training mode ofcourseSuperarmor how ever stops upgrading at lvl 30 because it will start to get ridiculous
  5. Extreme butoden Buu Saga Vegeta Author: LegendTTA, Edited by Coldskin1 level 1 melee combo switched to one powerful punch that sends enemy flying in a custom statefaster combos + update for each trans, allowed to stay in trans after round unless koedNot that much overpowered (likemost of my edits) ai normally around evil ken ai lvl unless ssj2Now vegeta 2 new ultimates but ultimate sacrifice will no longer work for base form and ssj1