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  1. ldvhl

    Tatsunoko Fight

    Has Astral Chameleon been made?
  2. Armin_Iuf released Shadow Geist: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vzny74cnchpms2h/Shadowgeist.rar
  3. The links to Chrono Strife's site appear to no longer be valid.
  4. There are several characters who are sourced to mugenforall.ru, which seems to be down at this time. There are also a good number of broken images.
  5. ldvhl

    Mutant DNA

    That's awesome. Thanks for posting these as well!
  6. Are they actual conversions or spriteswaps?
  7. In any case, thanks guys for re-uploading it.
  8. ldvhl

    Mutant DNA

    Looks like all the images are broken.
  9. Looks like a bunch of images and links to mugenforall.ru are down. Any chance those could be fixed?
  10. The Ryo2005 links for multiple characters are down.
  11. The Cho Hong link leads to a non-existent file.