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  1. Omega Zero by DuckSS

    You guys have him? My computer still isn't fixed, I just wanna put him into my Google Drive so that I'll put him into my MUGEN later.
  2. Happy new years early!


    Plans: Finish Ryu, make Cyborg and Akuma, finish the Zelda OOT final boss stage. and just get my shit done. No more fooling around and being lazy.

  3. KOF '99 Evo Kyo-SP Sprites

    Yo, any progress on this?
  4. Hi guys, I'm so glad that this site is back and running. I was having a little bit of trouble finding certain characters and stages.


    I have, once again, a question. It's regarding characters again.


    Currently I'm trying to research characters that fight like animals and their nationalities. I only know Blanka, Liza, and Rila (Brazil), Cham Cham (South America), Felicia (USA), and Cheetah (UK). I'm doing this research primarily to make changes to my character Emily Stone (if you guys remember her).


    Do you guys know any other characters that fight like animals and their nationalities? I'm thinking about changing Emily from a human esque creature with Native American blood to the same creature but with Brazilian blood, but now I'm thinking different nationalities.

  5. Ummmm.... Okay? Why was I signed out all of a sudden?

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    2. Ricepigeon


      Bug where we effectively have two mirrors of the main site: one with and one without /index.php. It happened once before last year iirc...

    3. RedDragonCats17


      Hm, thanks for the info.

    4. Flare-Gamer-64


      Every time you sign in, next time you close the tab it signs you out automatically. That sucks. I hope this gets fixed soon.

  6. Hi guys, before you say anything I did hear the news about the FCC and net neutrality. At first I was freaking out because the internet is gonna be terrible and my game developing career is going down the toilet, but my dad calmed me down because we don't know what's gonna go down in the future and people are probably going to make lawsuits on the FCC. It might back fire. Who knows?


    Anyways, I decided to distract you guys from this whole mess with my stuff, just because I can.


    Recently, I had a new idea. I came up with some fighting game characters for my own indie fighting game, and I made a thought about people converting my characters into MUGEN just because. I thought to myself why let people port them into MUGEN when I can do it myself as a part of my Universal project. So that's exactly what I'm doing.


    This is one of them, a tribal cat girl named Emily Stone.



    Emily was born in Las Vegas with a Native American mother and father, who owned a sanctuary filled with rescued animals such as tigers, bears, foxes, etc. Her mom was a part of a cult that rescues animals from hunters, and her genes were modified, but her appearance remains the same. She went through a recruitment thingy which was actually a ceremony for the beast tribe, the type of person Emily is. This is the reason why she has a tail, claws, funny ears, and stripes.


    Emily primarily uses feline instincts, scratching and what not, but she fights in Muay Thai, Aikido, and Kenpo. I plan to make her one of the 3 agile female fighters out of the entire roster of my own characters. She's also very fast because she has the speed of a cheetah.


    And just so you know, I am planning to color that picture. My computer is still busted and it probably won't be fixed after Christmas. Also, the guy who drew the picture is looking for a new cable for his scanner, so it's gonna be a minute.


    Until then, what do you guys think of her?

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    2. RedDragonCats17
    3. RedDragonCats17


      Maybe I should give out some more details.


      As I said before, Emily is very fast, she fights in Muay Thai, Aikido, and Kenpo (I should've said Shaolin Kenpo, and I forgot to tell you, she also uses Judo as well), but she is weaker compared to other fighters. She's a close combat fighter, meaning that she doesn't have projectiles.


      I already planned out some of her normals and all of her throws. Her standing are scratches in the form of Muay Thai punches while some of her air punches are actual Thai punches and elbows but one of the airs is a scratch from Tiger Style Shaolin Kenpo.


      I have planned a Shoryuken type scratch-uppercut as one of her special attacks. For one of her supers I planned a straight knee attack that's similar to Maki's Tesshinou.


      I haven't planned much for her because she hasn't been in my head when it comes to MUGEN, so I think I should make a Google Docs document for her move set.

    4. RedDragonCats17


      For extra information on her design (still have to color it), her design is based on Katt from Breath of Fire 2, since I weirdly like her. I gave Donny (the guy who drew her) that detail and also gave him the detail that she wears tribal clothes with modern clothes (since she's a modern day member of the beast tribe) and told him to surprise me, and that picture at the top of this is what he came up with.




      What do you think of her design?

  7. Question:

    I'm legit curious about this, I came up with a character that's based on Akuma, and I'm wondering if I'm the first one who did such a thing.


    Since you guys have been playing fighting games and watched anime longer than I have, I'd figured I could get the answer from you guys.


    So, are there any other characters that are based on or similar to Akuma?

  8. Quick question for the MUGEN Free for All people and not out of curiosity: How many of you guys are sprite artists using the CvS or CvS esque style?

  9. Plok! (SNES) Stage Pack M.U.G.E.N Released

    Where the screenshots at?
  10. Just wanted to talk to you guys. What's up?

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    2. RedDragonCats17


      So what'chu been doing other than that?

    3. Pluscross


      Costumes that get me made fun of.

    4. RedDragonCats17
  11. Out of curiosity, how many of you guys are anime artists? And do you use the 90's style, Ghibli style, or something else?
  12. What is your Real Name, really?

    James is my name, but my family calls me Jimmy.
  13. Hey guys, idk where to ask this, so I'll just ask it in the home thingy.


    I have a Facebook group and I kinda want to advertise it somewhere in the Hangouts or General Gaming. Is that okay with you?

  14. Samurai Shodown Collection

    I'll take a look once my computer's fixed. Thanks.
  15. Graphics card with strong RAM

    Graphics card with strong RAM Hey guys, my computer isn't working again, but I am using my grandma's desktop just to send this, and just so you know I need some help. The reason why my computer isn't working is because my graphics card died, and I want something with a stronger RAM, strong enough to at least record a 480p video. You guys know any graphics cards like that? Like 4 gigs maybe 6 gigs?
  16. Graphics card with strong RAM

    Hm, okay.
  17. Graphics card with strong RAM

    I'll talk to my dad about that laptop. What about PCI? (Not PCI Express, just regular PCI)
  18. Graphics card with strong RAM

    I want to record a video as long as I want to in at least a 480p resolution. My dad said that 512mb could do the trick, but idk about that, and that RAM size is the highest I could find in AGP graphics cards.
  19. Graphics card with strong RAM

    Um.... anybody?
  20. Hey guys, decided to update this stage to give it the rest of the stuff Lemmy's Castle, along with some more songs and the Koopa Robots from Bowser's real castle. It's pretty small, but it is something. Here's the link:'s+Castle+(Updated).zip Also, big shoutout to Yagoshi for featuring my stage in a screenshot, you made me feel special bro. If any of my stages were featured in a video, I'll feel even more special than ever.
  21. 3D modeling program

    Okay, so another thing I need help with is 3D modeling programs. I want to know which program works best because I don't think that the models from Models Resource work with Blender, which I have. Which program works best?
  22. 3D modeling program

    I made a Deviantart account to ask if there's a good Daisy model somewhere. I'm a little hesitant to ask, but I can't go anywhere without help, so I'm gonna have to brave up SOMEHOW. I mean, I just joined.
  23. 3D modeling program

    Gonna be needing some more help, I'm trying to figure out whether the trial has watermarks or not.
  24. 3D modeling program

    Far too expensive, but there is a 30 day trial so I'll give it a try. Also, there's a primary reason for me asking this this and the 3D model request on resource requests. It's this model of Daisy: I got it from Models Resource, and when I tried bending her fingers, they deformed and they didn't bend properly, so my alternatives are to either find a 3D program (you suggested 3DS Max) or find a different model. I did however find this model of Daisy's tennis trophy from Smash Bros, however it's a OBJ file and it hasn't been T posed. So I guess I'll have to T pose it myself and perhaps make a armature. I was wondering if you guys know a better model of Daisy in this outfit, along with her 2 Strikers outfits, so that's why I made the 3D model request in Resource Requests.
  25. 3D modeling program

    BUMP! (sorry) Is anyone going to answer or....?