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  13. Hey people I need your opinion. My first character is going to be release one day but first I must do some things. 1. I don't have sounds 2. Sprites will be polished If I can 3. Question Remove fringe hair, or leave Any feedback is welcome Links below
  14. Hello Bro Wild Terry in a few sprites Gato's head. WT had 4 buttons, but Victor has 6.
  16. crazy :D
  17. Luke's beach 1.1.
  18. This is madness 1.1.
  19. This is madness 1.1. You c
  20. Goeryun kof edits WIP MY fb
  21. Few words about him. - It will be main boss in my second game lol xD - He is a dictator, ruler of half of Earth or even majorty. - His attacks will be quite simillar to: 1. Kamehama DB series 2 Piccolo DB series attack which killed Raditz 3. One arm laser/ kamehama 4. 3 attacks like Orochi 5. Attack like Krizalid 6. Maybe Terry Bogard special fist 7 Of course goenitz attacks because it is base xD but ..... Today I made Addlife . It is skill like Broly character has. No He will not have Akuma attack XD I cant make such sprites. I am thinking about (but I am not an expert xD) giving two modes of AI ---> Normal cheap and Incredible cheap xD There is a lot to do.
  22. Never forgive u a Gogeta ssj4 and future Gohan :(.................xD
  23. What was that on my yt account? Why are you insulting me? We don't even know each other. In the past I sent u fb invitention but you cancelled it. Now you are willing to help with my wip, than you insulting me on my yt account. What the hell man?

    1. Ryon


      because your asking for a 1000 Dollars DONATION, and thats stupid because this is a freeware software. I will help you, but dont do stupid things.

    2. Dj Luke

      Dj Luke

      Have u read last comment on yt? For example many guys do this(Donation). Bitcoins can be send in various amounts even 0.0004, so don't tell that somebody must send me 1000 USD. I know that mugen is free for all, but two persons asked me about donation( Dont know why?). Thats all. Of course I didn't say that I am so pro xD to earn money and  it never going to be happened. I am big fan of mugen and beginner. In 21th century people doante many things, many people even for no reasons. Maybe it will be better if u remove your comment on yt? Maybe we forget all matter and try one more time? Add me on fb if u want. If you can help me, I will write later. Have a nice day :)

    3. Ryon


      i remove nothing. if your taking donations take real money, use a paypal account, thats one of the safest ways to take donations. also if I were you I would feel guilty taking donations for mugen work. I try to keep my mugen people away from my real life people.

  24. Madness1 1.1.
  25. Thanks guys :DI apreciatte it. If u wanna help me? Just write :)