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  1. a Tribute to the Legends of the SNK NeoGeo, kof mugen Battle Theatre My Sincere Greetings to Everyone. So its High Time I share My Dedication to the True Legends of Combat from the Realm of NeoGeo Fighting. So i'l post here Videos of Epic Matches of Mugen Battles, for all of you to Enjoy :D , Starting with a Tribute to the Coolest Syndicate of All times, the Phenomenal " NESTS CARTEL" from King of Fighters Series. " " My First ever Upload to Youtube & Yeah I made this Video Myself ONLY for All of Your Entertainment. I will post more videos myself Soon or Share Battle Clips which are Extra-ordinarily Awesome Hope you'l love them, Please Like & Subscribe. :) , & leave a comment to give me feedbacks & Ideas so that I can do even better at mugen & videos. With all due Respect, Cheers to NeoGeo, KOF, & "Mugen" :D
  2. oh " k9999 " Mugen character by "Black", & it turns out that the k9999 had a trigger#=Life<=# in his CMD file, & Black set that value to <=200. So the k9999 could use his ULTIMATE Gigantic Hand move only if his health was less than 200, which is only 20% of his Full Life. So What I did was Simply just Deleted that line " trigger#=Life<=200 " from k9999's CMD FIle , & it WORKED. :D Now k9999 can always Use that move, free from conditions like his Health MUST BE LOW for him to get his TRUE Power. Very convenient :) Thanks KBN22 for helping :)
  3. How to Enable hyper attacks Removing the Conditions Applied Greetings everyone, I have a question today, its like this that there are some characters who have some Hyper moves which trigger Only when that character has low health or less life, otherwise at their full health status , that hyper move doesn't trigger at all. Like this k9999 char that i downloaded recently, his hyper moves work only when his health is 10% left. So my question is - How do I enable those Hyper moves of such characters at all times, Even when their health is Full ? someone please help me with this, Thank you.
  4. Hello Everyone, today I'm back with a simple question. Well, Most of the mugen characters have more than 1 different intros usually, but it Turns out that there are some Intros that many of us do not like & want gone. So i was thinking it would be really great If I could Set only 1 specific Intro for a char , Removing all other Intros of THAT char. So my question is - How do I disable all other Intros & Fix only 1 Intro for a specific character ? somebody please help me with this, Thank you
  5. My Greetings everyone, well recently I downloaded this Mugen Thing called "kof 10th Anniversary" from this Link below - "!1Z9XVLwS!-i5M6ktvKXUzfMpUTi3ei0DkarPzdIooIODwgTeVELw" well its really great, but i wanted to add some more characters in it myself & edit a few ones already existing. So the MAIN problem in this case is that, it DOESN'T have any "char", "stages" , "sound" folders AT ALL. It comes with this Giant "EXE" file which uses up most of the space of the ENTIRE "kof 10th Anniversary" Mugen. Now how can i edit the characers or add new characters in this Mugen if It doesnt have THOSE Folders ? I really really really wanted to Edit the Characters in this mugen but this problem is making me feel helpless. I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me how to Decrypt or Extract or Rip this Giant EXE Somehow, so that I am able to Edit it myself. Someone Please help me with this issue . Please help & thanks in advance.
  6. Devil Daigo stage from Big Bang Beat For Using in Winmugen, Ministral version here:
  7. Hello everyone, I was looking for this stage - I dont even know its name & i still cant find it Can anyone please give me a link to this Stage ? Please help & Thanks everyone
  8. My Greetings Everyone, Well I love Altering the Movelist of my "Char"s to make it more intersesting, but i am stuck at a point & so I need a little help in Using the Fighter Factory Well Usually changing the Movelist is very Easy, I just change the Command Button combination into my custom chosen button combination inside the "CMD extentsion" File of the character. But there are some characters which have Some UNIQUE Moves which I couldnt Find or Recognize in their CMD File. So I was thinking, the Fighter Factory Can Definitely do the Trick, By Using the Fighter Factory I will be Able detect the Animation of that Unique Move & From there I might Find out the Name of that Move so that THEN I can Change its Combination in the ".CMD" File. But i dont know how to do that & I need to learn doing that Using the Fighter Factory So Here is my Real Question - " How Can I Find out the ID & Name of an Attack Move of a Mugen character from it's Animation Frames in Fighter Factory " Can Anyone Please tell me How to do that ? Please Help & Thanks Everyone
  9. Its Amazing, the Tutorial is Really very helpful. Thank you Sooo Much for Teaching me that OldGamer. I really Appreciate it.
  10. Hello everyone, well I downloaded this Awsome Screenpack, I simply love it & Its really cool , but it has One Big Problem which is - In its "Versus Screen" it shows this Screen - and there is no Info on who will be the next character to fight. I want to make the VS Screen into something like this - or like this - So Basically what i'm saying is, i want to Edit my ScreenPack so that in the Versus Screen I can see the Next competitor, without installing Another Screenpack, but by editing or by only the Ripping the VS Screen thing from another ScreenPack So Can anyone please tell me how to do that ? any help will be really appreciated. please help & Thanks Everyone.
  11. Hello Everyone, Here is a little Gift for Every Mugen Fans - Felden's Stage, that Boss Universe Stage from Galaxy Fight, This is my First Mugen work Uploaded, hope you guys will Love it. So please let me know if you like it, i would really appreciate it. here is the Link - "" credits - elecbyte for Creating Mugen, Sunsoft for Creating Galaxy FIght, & NeoGeo Besides that, here in my country Bangladesh, i am like the only one who is into Mugen, And i would truely appreciate for any kinds of motivation & inspiration. Thanks everyone
  12. The problem is the filename of the stages have a space in them. If the name off the stage has a space in it it will be skipped over when in arcade mode. what you have in your select.def probably looks something like this.... kfm, stages\Dragons Liar - by Matter mugen.def, order=1 ryu, stages\Aquarium of NESTS.def, order=2 ken, stages\ STAGE SPACE.def, order=3 kyo, stages\Reunion of Spirits.def, order=4 You need to edit the name of the stages .def files to something without any spaces, and then edit the select.def accordingly. When you are done it should look something like this. kfm, stages\Dragons_Liar-by_Matter_mugen.def, order=1 ryu, stages\Aquarium_of_NESTS.def, order=2 ken, stages\ STAGESPACE.def, order=3 kyo, stages\Reunion_of_Spirits.def, order=4 Now the stages will show up in arcade mode with the assigned characters. Thanks Everyone
  13. Hi everyone, well I recently downloaded some new Stages for my Winmugen plus, the Stages are Low-resolution & for Winmugen, and it also appears in the Select Stage in Versus & Watch Modes. But the Only Main Problem is that it never appears along with a Character, what i'm trying to mean is, I assign my Stages with a specific character for different orders, and all the other stages appear with their assigned stages ( & music too) But these New Stages doesnt appear with its Assigned character, and infact they even remove those characters from appearing in the Arcade (or Simul ,Team up , Survival, etc) For Example, I assigned the New Stage with "iori" in order=2 (2nd Order) in the Select.def , and the Result is - Order 2 is SKIPPED by itself, and the Game directly jumps to Order 3 from order 1. I really Wished that i could challenge my Boss Characters in order 7 or 8 with those Awsome Stages, but my Mugen Skips those Battles by itself unfortunately Here is the List of Stages which i Downloaded but doesn't appear in my Winmugen - "Dragons Liar - by Matter mugen" , "Aquarium of NESTS" , " STAGE SPACE " Reunion of Spirits " & many others. Note - They Still Appear in Watch/Versus Modes, but not with the Assigned characters So Can Anyone Help me fix this Problem ? I would really Appreciate for any sort of support or advice. Please Help & Thank you Everyone
  14. Hello Everyone , well i am having a small silly Problem in my Mugen The Silly problem is that one of my Mugen Characters doesnt have a Portrait (or Picture, etc) in my Roster the Thing is when I select characters in the Select Screen, I can see their Respective Portraits But sadly one of my favorite Characters called Igniz doesnt have a Portrait, So Basically There is no Picture of Igniz when i select him, its totally Blank. How Can I add a Picture for him which is available in the Select Screen/Roster ? Please help, and Thanks Everyone
  15. My Greetings Everyone, I need a little help in character editing, so i came up with this Question. Well there are many mugen "char" which have special effect sprites like Fire and lighting all around them in some of their animations, mostly fighting animations like Fire Kicks & etc but when i checked these "char" sprites in the Fighter Factory Ultimate, I saw that the Fire Special Effect was one Frame of the Sprite and the Kick was Another Frame But in the Gameplay, the Kick and the Fire Happens together Forming A Fire Kick, So my Question is How Did they Make this Fire & Kick Sprite take place together simultaneously in the Game ? How Can I Merge 2 Frames together into 1 Animation simultaneously ? please help & Thanks Everyone