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  1. OMG OMG and OMG
    Haven't been able to login in a whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ile
    ? Feels exactly like im home, Hello FAM and hows ya'll boys ?

  2. Hello.I tried accessing this character and it won't let me.Please give me access.Thank you.


    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Hey, How's It Goin Rozwel The Great! I Think I Found The Rozwel Gustab and It Also Has AI Added! You Can Find It Here! Look For The

      "첨부파일 (1) (Down Arrow)" and Then After Clicking, Look For "PC" and Then Click!

  3. Happy Birthday ma'bruh! :D

  4.  KOF RIVALS Update

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    2. ShiniGami NoMeresu

      ShiniGami NoMeresu

      No.. boss of KOFMI2...[right side]
      hqdefault.jpgand guy with 2 hands.. Him

    3. gui0007


      Oh, Shun'ei so. Can't wait to see him and Jivatma.
      I remember that someone create Jivatma a time ago, but is total crap.

    4. ShiniGami NoMeresu

      ShiniGami NoMeresu

      Jivatma , Shun'ei, k9999 are kofxiii style sprites.

  5. You need to make Palette first and save it as new .act file i.e "Blue.act" Then go to Def file and add it [Files] Cmd =Cmd-Air\Iori-97.cmd Cns =Cns\Iori-97.cns St =Cns\Iori-97.cns StCommon =common1.cns Sprite =Sff-Snd\Iori-97.sff Anim =Cmd-Air\Iori-97.air Sound =Sff-Snd\Iori-97.snd pal1=Iori-97-1.act pal2=Iori-97-2.act <-----------< st1=Cns\Iori-97-N.cns st2=Cns\Iori-97-S.cns st3=Cns\Iori-97-H.cns st4=Cns\Iori-97-2.cns st5=Cns\Iori-97-3_AI.cns ;x------------------x------------------------x-------------- in your case "pal2=Blue.act"
  6. BAE : Im in a Mood of Movie Tonight.. Me : What do you wanna see? BAE : We're making one.. Me : [BAE caught me off guard]
  7. Hi 1 => i wanted to know that is there a way to add a custom win pose for char when he finishes P2 with a special skill? i mean i have skill in which char summons 2 when my char finishes p2 with that skill, i want to add a special win pose for my char with those 2 clones.. 2 => when my char loose a round [like he won first then lost 2nd] how do i add a custom intro for 3rd round [only if he looses previous one] . 3 => when a char wins, how do i make camera move on char and make him stand in the middle of screen.
  8. Good sprites..for the stage. Sunny day huh! but no rays , that would be more cool. overall i like it. Thanks for sharing
  9. Is this for real?


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    2. ShiniGami NoMeresu

      ShiniGami NoMeresu

      New DLC costume for Gesse Howard in KOF 14! Following the Classic Kyo DLC, now Nightmare Gesse. Demonic voice. Also remix theme

      @Neo_Fire_Sonic its said DLC Costume not character.

    3. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      so they can give a demonic voice and not a little tiny bit of wind at the bottom of his feet? OOK :)

    4. ShiniGami NoMeresu
  10. .::KOF RIVAL by COPYCGS::. Main Menu Select Screen Game shot #1 Game shot #2 Game shot #3 Game shot # 4 Video Sample .::DESCRIPTION::. The King of Fighters Rivals, Author: SNK Productions & COPYCGS Beta Release Date: 05/07/2016 The game is still in process but Author released a beta version for us to play and enjoy the game and feedback him about his work, other than KOF-XIII sprites author made everything else which you see before you. its takes time so be patient because he is working on this project everyday and makes progress. I hope you all enjoy the work of COPYCGS, Do not forget to feedback and Support our Team. Support our team: Thanks & Regards. Download Link: Downlaod link is in it. -------- > Alternative Link.