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  1. Try this version Shermie-KOFM.rar
  2. NP^^ And I think I've got few more edits: W Apocalypse: O-C-Blood:
  3. [Preview] [Download] [Comment] This is hard AI ver of Orochi K' that can stand with Hell's chars. So be warned.
  4. Cx Orochi K': This one can blow away almost all chars in your roster by using nice chain combos+super/hyper
  5. Happy New Year, everyone! New design looks groovy and awesome! :D

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- Happy New Year!! MFFA For The Win, Yo! ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”

  6. Here's some more: Do The Enchanting p3: Neo Plasma Orochi Matter Sharptail`(subido+x+jeffhardy2014).rar Lime Metal Orochi Sariel 2011.12.2 Confusionious Mizuchi K!Rd5RhQ6I!u0gbt6Govy-Jhf7hqy47kFemZmE_da5ttQpr4RRdU0I Mizuchi Angel
  7. And here's plenty of another links from MFFA Colorsou v2 Ancient Gear YYL Appolo Mizuchi Zeta LMCE Metal Orochi G-Tester(Old) Space Time Orochi Gabriel Mirage Robo Mizuchi
  8. And here's plenty of another links from MFFA Colorsou v2 Ancient Gear YYL Appolo Mizuchi
  9. Well, there's reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally lots of Orochi. Even chinese edits. So there's a pretty big load to go. And of course many links will come too :D. Atm will guide with MFFA links: Yamata No Orochi: Worthy Trade Orochi Apocalyptic Orochi: Abandon Day Emperor Mizuchi-A2 Baldiel Apachai Exile Inazumachi Powerful Light Genie de caerula Agaliarept Blue The Dream Jountechi Singer Orochi OR-Orochi Zechael Type-S Angel Wings v2 Jigsaw Mysterious Green v2
  10. Well, just founded some edits of Goenitz on my HDD: Galdiel Goenitz: Shark Goenitz: Blood Surge Corpse: And here's some Goeniko edit: Alter Wind:
  11. Happy Birthday, SSBK65!! :)

  12. I like 8-bit tematic, especially when it comes to music. Thanks for releasing this SP, OldGamer!! =)
  13. Here's some new Chinese community: