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  1. TURBO MECHA SONIC is a beta credited to mugenbrosz & xstarter original video found here
  2. releasing my very first MUGEN char Beta only for someone to steal all the credit and gain a whole comunity off my work!
  3. wow i didnt know that forum existed,thankyou Ryoucchi!
  4. i was really happy to see RYON'S reply on this.mugen's like art,you can make chars based off games or based off your stile that only people that may relate to it enjoy those chars.when i first crossed mugen i saw onslaught with apocalypse boss chars fight against a strange spiderman jpg ugly char and lose a was like fuuuu***,the fight was so unbalanced but super fun and something great to remember back in the early 2005.fast forward today and everyone's picky ,an stuck up about chars even though these is well better put together than future chars.
  5. Please help,all links leading to (Hallowgram Generator) stage are down. http://www.trinitymugen.net/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=812;area=showposts;sa=topics;start=90 Hallowgram Generator stage by EXSHADOW
  6. not sure why your message system suddenly ignores me, just wanted to ask if you still could send neowave?

    1. gui0007


      I'm still searching for it.

  7. then id be learning about screenpacks, not correcting char programming errors.besides ,im more familiar with chars than screenpacks.fighter factory 3 may just be automatically converting chars for 1.0 no matter what
  8. yes, all files have the same name.the def file?im sure i replaced kfm names but ill double check.and to be more accurate,all i did was grab the winKFM and deleted all sprites replacing them with another character saving the images under beta.im sorry for bringing up win but heres the reason>there are WINmugen screen packs i love that wont or cant be converted to 1.0 like mugen kof memorial ,capcom vs snk W and others.i wont fully enjoy my chars if they cant work in winmugen.
  9. i simply want all my chars to work in winmugen not just 1.0+ so i started making a new char from a winmugen char.i removed all the sprites loading new ones and saved them under beta not 1.0mugen and i hadn't touched any of the coding yet.the moment i loaded and picked my char from the roster, winmugen crashed.it said it couldn't load the DEF.anybody no where i went wrong?
  10. can anybody identify this character select music please,having trouble finding this one?

  11. never knew minecraft had amazing music

    1. Moe


      "wait" is my favorite

    2. TAW


      11 > all

    3. dashdogfizz


      11 and 13 is my jam. Even, the ambiance music.

  12. http://www.mediafire.com/download/htt4euehlfli92z/Sup_Gogeta+v1.5.rar
  13. actually his update has ben public for a long time.as for that sonic mugen,the last time I saw,he had like over 20 chars in the roster if this is the same mugen where talking about.im certain more than 2 are complete but if this one was posted at mugenguild then no where talking about 2 deferent games.so have you considered Kiritsu a possible P1 or even a secret OP-boss?
  14. great share! I had lost some of these players,id love to download this in one file seeing many creation I find interesting.
  15. wow I remember that game from ages ego, never got the chance to try it out. I don't think i ever saw him in action gameplay videos, just on the title like that,thats why I suggested him.if possible could you send me that sonic mugen?id still like to try it out after all these years.and I still think you should add kiritsu simply because his mugen is pretty much gone.iv seen kiritsu's sprites and boy....its really advanced professetionally so check it out when youv got some time.if not I have another cool character you can think about. BTW why haven't you updated viciouses sprites because there's an update version,do you prefer this stile instead?