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  1. Found this in my e-mail today:




    And I'm pretty salty about it. Oh well...

    1. Pluscross


      Now he's going to obliterate you. 

    2. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      Not when he's cut off like that.

    3. Pluscross


      Wait, he won't know where to aim. There's a good point. You lucked out this time.

  2. (PREVIEW) (DOWNLOAD) TAMAKI's STAGE/EVENING EDIT - METALLICANA - SEASIDE CITY - IRIDION STAGE 2 - GUNJACK's STAGE - WHIP's MEMORY STAGE - JACKY's STAGE GENESIS - SARAH's STAGE - SARAH's STAGE VF2 - IRENE (WINMUGEN) - PHANTOM BOMB (WINMUGEN) (COMMENT) First of all, the images shown in this thread (besides the image of the stage edit) are stages that has had significant changes made to them. Second of all, I only necro-bump where it counts, but since I'm releasing multiple stage updates + a stage edit, I decided to make a new thread altogether. Therefore, all threads regarding the previous versions of the now updated stages will be locked (if that's even possible), so you'll have to post comments/feedback on this particular thread. Anyway, the stages that I've uploaded are stages I should've updated well over a year ago but never got around to it. As for the edit, I just re-colored the sprites using IrfanView & removed all animation but the atmosphere surrounding it is nice. I've always wanted to make this kind of edit. Also, did I mention that aside from those zoom edits I've made, this is my first actual stage edit? UPDATE NOTES: GUNJACK's STAGE: - Decreased stage lengh - Replaced current sprites with ones that I've ripped - Better parallax scrolling for the floor TAMAKI's STAGE: - Now has animated sprites. I used Bandicam for screenshots & !Draw to erase the back-grounds from the screenshots (Altough I had to resize them...). - Resized the back-grounds - Better parallax scrolling for the floor + floor scaling for accuracy SEASIDE CITY: - "Cleaned up" sprite 0, 1 - Fixed vertical scrolling for sprite 0, 0 - Resized floor a bit & has better parallax scrolling - Added a new sprite for accuracy - Increased stage lengh for WINMUGEN version METALLICANA: - Decreased stage lengh (more or less) - Re-ripped & re-sized floor animation. Note that the floor doesn't scroll like that in Bastard!! - Ankoku no Hakaishin, but since the frame count was over 1000 and I didn't plan on spending too much time to update the stage, I had to speed it up a little. I think it came out nice. WHIP's MEMORY STAGE: - Better parallax scrolling for Floor 1 - Re-sized Floor 2 - Disabled layering for sprite 5,0 DOGFIGHT ABOVE THE PACIFIC OCEAN (AFTERNOON): - Added more animation frames for the water, therefore making it 99.9% accurate to the source game. The other .1 percent? Yeah...I somehow missed a frame. Oh well. SARAH's STAGE: - Replaced floor. The floor you see now is from Virtua Fighter Remix; the previous floor was from the SEGA 32x version of Virtua Fighter. SARAH's STAGE VF2: - Resized floor due to it being lopsided. Thanks to Odb178 of Mugen Fighters Guild for pointing that out for me. JACKY's STAGE VF2 GENESIS: - Replaced current sprites (except for sprite 0,1) with ones found here: Credit to Yawackhary for the rips. - Resized sprite 0,0 & added horizontal delta Also, PHANTOM BOMB & IRENE ~GODDESS OF FREEDOM~ now have proper WINMUGEN versions. That's why they're a part of this release.


    A cartridge that could set your SUPER NINTENDO on fire?! Yeah, no. You'd have to dumb to believe that.

  4. 04ac316b7a21fbff38ff4432a1f2eb1a



    My reaction:

    I'm dead serious. I found this to be as hilarious as it is upsetting.

    1. Pluscross


      If people get offended by inspirational school folders enough to take them down, imagine the reactions to this.


      Having a side with a taste in dark humor allows me to chuckle at that, but it's not advised to laugh at it in public.

    2. SSBK65


      I'm surprised the owner let em have guns in their store for one, but encouraging students to buy them is even worse. And if it is a prank, I don't think it's funny.

    3. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      @Pluscross Still, I probably would've let out a slight chuckle if I saw that in public but at this point, the laughter's been letft me.


      @SSBK65 I agree. Don't know why they were selling guns in the first place let alone mistakenly place a 'back to school' sign where they sell guns. After all, Wal-Mart did say that it was their bad.

  5. Stage Collection: ExShadow

    Here you are. This would've been done sooner, but my wi-fi can be a mixed bag sometimes.
  6. Who's got two thumbs & bought a PlayStation 4 w/ KOF XIV & got Battleborn free @ GameStop today?



    LC joke aside, I haven't got to play either game yet as they're installing, but I've a ton of patience (Even though I have to wait at least 6 hours...).


    If you're interested:


    Yes, I know my User-Name is a bit starred-out, but it's what I could come up with since I couldn't input 'NEON 7' the way I wanted to.


    1. Darkflare


      Battleborn for free

      Yea, Battleborn is F2P now

    2. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      I'm well aware of that (and willing to look past it as I don't care about that), except GameStop is currently having a "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" sale for Power Up members. The second I saw Battleborn, I grabbed it purely for the sake of playing with other people as my bro owns the XBOX ONE version & I've been playing it on there for the past year & 1 1/2. It's truly a great game. And so is KOF XIV.

  7. Stage Collection: ExShadow

    So yeah, I've already taken the liberety of backing up ExShadow's stages & I'll be hosting them on my MEGA account.
    1. Noside


      Hacking time.

    2. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      Oh, yeah...I forgot the NES Classic Edition got hacked. Oh well.

  8. DB FighterZ - Asteroid Battlefield V2

    Damn, that was fast. Game not even out yet & we already have a stage from it. Nice one!


    I was afraid of this...I really hope that this is fake PhotoShop stuff BS. But if it *IS* true...Well, at least buying the Deluxe Edition will ease the pain a bit.

    And then again, I could just wait 'til 2018 for Dragon Ball FighterZ.



    This will probably yield better results than Extreme Butouden, but It'll most likely share the same obscure fate.


    Too bad there already exists a shitty fan-base that'll play the game for 5 minutes & then bury it & go back to that one game that's as bad as they are. (*COUGH*BT3!*COUGH*)



    Guess who's gonna be able to rip from Mario Kart DS.


    (For those who don't know, I had took a break from M.U.G.E.N back in March but I'll be back real soon. It's just that I currently have a job, so...)


    Also, I should do Status Updates more often.

    1. Ryon


      Thats pretty cool, I'm not one for hacked stages, but hey more power to ya!

    1. gonzen


      that would be great to have a Drunken Tiger Woods character.
      or an Drunken Mode in Tiger  Woods character

    2. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      Yeah, except that Tiger wasn't drunk to begin with. He just O.D'd on pills.

    3. gonzen


      haha much better then

  12. Kag Shares Palettes

    I kinda understand 4Shared, but how is MediaFire bad? It's the most accessible cloud storage website out there of the rest I've recommended. And I didn't forget about quickdrive because I have never heard of it before.
  13. (PREVIEW) (DOWNLOAD) DONLOAD UPDATE HERE! (COMMENT) WHAT'S BEEN CHANGED: My first character. As you can see in the video, he is CvS/P.O.T.S.-styled pretty much due to the fact that I like this style and I plan on making more characters with this style in mind...At least until I get better at coding (I used a template for my Donatello.) Also, because I used his sprites from SNES Tournament Fighters, he's kinda limited. But I improvised. The stage featured in this preview is a simple "zoom-with-parallaxed-floor" edit by me only for this occasion and is from GENESIS Tournament Fighters (Original .SFF by Nori-ban). Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Feedback would be appreciated. OH! And by the way, my stuff is COMPLETELY OPEN SOURCE. I don't care what you do with my stuff. I only ask for credit in return. CREDIT TO: Kamekaze: For .SFF & codes of his version of Donatello (I used his codes as reference). Ryon: For his character tutorial (To be honest, I wish you used a "full sized" character for your tut as it would've been more helpful. Still though, my character wouldn't have throws otherwise.) Just No Point, Cyanide, & altoiddealer: For putting up with my plead for coding throws (I thank you all, regardless). Memo: For your P.O.T.S template (It was one of the things got me motivated for making my character). Jayster: For the 8-bit Scrapyard song remix. SeanAtly: For Donatello's battle stance sprites. Thagr8test: For commissioning SeanAtly to make said sprites (Another thing that got me motivated for making my character). DivineWolf, Jmorphman, etc: For practitioning P.O.T.S. game-play & just being inspirations all around. Phantom.Of.The.Server.: For your game-play style, even though it's basically EX-GROOVE with EX Moves (Shame there's so much stigma over your style these days). AND YOU: For downloading my first character (Expect an update). TO DO: -Make his Normals chain into Specials/EX Specials into Supers & Specials/EX Specials into Supers. (EDIT: Made his Normals chain into Supers but not Specials.) -Maybe give him 1 more Special & Super each. (WHEN I'M BETTER AT CODING!) -Tweak his Throws. (Throw coding is near impossible!) -Fix/replace/(maybe)add Hit-Sparks. -Make color palates. -Make WINMUGEN version if hasn't already been done.
  14. DONATELLO (Updated as of 3/12/17)

    Heh, Thanks!
  15. (PREVIEW) AND... | (I wanted to release this edit several months ago, but never got around to it. Original stage by mh777.) (DOWNLOAD) 3D STAGE PACK | STAGE EDIT (COMMENT) The reason I made these 3D Stages is because I feel that there aren't enough of these kind of stages for M.U.G.E.N. Also, I like them a lot. I mainly used Dolphin Emulator's "Free Look" option to rip from these games (I used a modified Legend of Zelda Collection ISO that ran Mario Kart 64 instead of the intended game which was how I was able to rip from that game using Dolphin in the first place. UPDATE (9/3/17): The stages within the 3D Stage Pack have now been separated into individual .RAR files.
  16. DONATELLO (Updated as of 3/12/17)

    NECRO-BUMP! Donnie's been updated. Check the first post.
  17. Request Stage: 3 Stages I don't know where the other 2 are at, but I managed to find this one.
  18. This Stage It's called New Age City & it was made by MarkPachi.
  19. Sparkster released by Gladiacloud

    I never thought that I would want something so much until I actually got it. (And in Veanko style, no less.) Anyway, insta-download.
  20. Android 17 released by Gladiacloud
  21. (PREVIEW) "ESCAPE THROUGH THE DISPOSAL TUNNEL" "DOGFIGHT ABOVE THE PACIFIC OCEAN (AFTERNOON)" (DOWNLOAD) (COMMENT) Iridion 3D is a game that was released for the GAME BOY Advance that features "3-D" FMV backgrounds, Mode 7 (like most GBA games), & good shmup action. I plan on converting all of the stages the have the effect mentioned above. The tunnel frames/animation in Stage 1, "ESCAPE THROUGH THE DISPOSAL TUNNEL", are 100% source accurate at 2 ticks per second & 32 frames. However, Stage 2, "DOGFIGHT ABOVE THE PACIFIC OCEAN", isn't quite as accurate regarding frames/animation as the water frames has been halved due to some software I used (the game runs at 60FPS). Although, I do have all the frames somewhere on my PC. And while I think that the animation looks nice as is, I may end up updating the stage in the future purely for the sake of accuracy. If not, I'll just re-rip them. Also, you probably can't tell, but the cloud is parallaxed, just like the source game. The floor is from the game's Main Menu tiles, except that I edited it to look like a floor and slapped the game's Title Logo (which is animated) on it. SPRITES FOR REFERENCE: Anyway, if you don't see me around the M.U.G.E.N Community (you probably will as I skulk around every now & then, but you'd probably give less of a shit, wouldn't you?), then I wish you all Happy Holidays! EDIT: Updated the stages. You'll know it's one when you see it. Credit to Cenobite 53 for feedback.
  22. STAGES 1 & 2 (IRIDION 3D)

    EDIT: Stages are updated. Check first post.