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  1. There is a condition. - That your character has been completed - That your character is AKOF character Please contact me again When you meet the above conditions
  2. I has released the corresponding version of I.K.E.M.E.N add char ・Rain
  3. The Another King of Fighters Unlimited Match(For I.K.E.M.E.N) URL>http://akofum.zouri.jp/top.html This is a new project different from the AKOF planning of NAO&M. Characters have to participate in this project is expected to increase in the future. I find the bug reports and opinions to you guys. chars ・Main Team  AK、Alou、Aner  ・Informer Team   Informer、Judith、Duester ・Neige Team  Neige、Vesper、Mono ・Neo Team Neo、Kill、Ayaka ・Joker Team Joker、Meld、Leonard ・Sula Team  Sula、Kloss、O.Sula ・CK Team  Lynx、Edit、K-Blood ・kisaragi juke Team Fliz、Flamme、Lyzer ・Misogi Team MrK'、Spinel、Quartz ・Chin-ya Team Reak、D-Yashiro、Inferior-Kyo ・Aoba Team Gliz、Nein、Double-A ・Edit Team Yeorin、Rain、Touba last update 2017/06/01
  4. I do not plan to make.because I do not have a cut-in of AHs.
  5. GG-saki、AH-sol、Informer BGM Remember by Armored Core for Answer enjoy
  6. Informer_AKOF.cmd [statedef -1] [state -1] type = VarSet triggerall = !var(59) triggerall = RoundState = 2 trigger1 = Command = "AI0" ~~~~~~~~~ trigger32 = ctrl trigger32 = p2name != "training" var(59) = 3←here
  7. thank you . i fixed some bugs http://xfs.jp/6VzXx