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  1. I'm thinking of getting Fighter Factory Studio.

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    2. Weiss_Circal
    3. PlasmoidThunder


      For everything good Studio does, it manages to mess up a bunch of other things. Hotkeys (or at least the likes of Ctrl+F to bring up the search bar) no longer exist, but the biggest problems are the random but not infrequent crashing and general instability of the program.

    4. Weiss_Circal


      Okay. Thanks.

  2. Happy B-day.

  3. -She gains power from her "Chain Chomp Throw" and "Giga Bowsette" supers. -Seems to have no damage damping. -"Super Fire Breath" does too much for a level 1.
  4. After playing a bit of Smash Ultimate, I feel like replaying Brawl and 4. Why? Because I was disappointed with Ultimate and I found World of Light to be boring and frustrating. I just want another Subspace Emissary and Smash Run. Hell, I wouldn't mind if they had to shorten the roaster as long as we get more single player modes that are fun.


    1. Darkflare


      Smash bros is not a very good series for playing alone.

    2. Pluscross


      They still did not fix lacking Single Player modes.


      Pretty sad.

    3. Weiss_Circal


      Smash Bros Brawl and 4 all had descent single player content. So why can't Ultimate?

  5. It's shitty how Capcom is adding ads to a fucking non-mobile game. This is goanna be a new trend, is it?

    1. Lillie's 音MADs

      Lillie's 音MADs

      Wait, when did that happen?

    2. Weiss_Circal


      Street Fighter 5.

    3. Lillie's 音MADs

      Lillie's 音MADs

      Ouch. Well, now I have another reason to stick to SF IV.

  6. So Mumkey Jones' YouTube channel was taken down over false flagging... God YouTube went to shit when Google bought them. They need to fix their flagging system.

    1. Lillie's 音MADs

      Lillie's 音MADs

      Actually, one strike was on a privated video with 0 views. YouTube themselves took him down. All strikes were back to back.

      Really sad about it. I loved his content.

    2. Weiss_Circal


      I know. But the worst thing about this is that several videos that actually break the guidelines are still up. 


    I'm a bit late for this, but rest in piece Hillenburg. You made a show I and many other people loved.

  8. Well, looks like YouTube Dashboard got a major update. Which means I'm stuck with the new layout I despise. Why was the option to go back to the previous layout removed? Why? 

    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      Most likely because they didn't want to keep the old for too long, just like how they'll get rid of the old youtube studio in 2019

    2. Weiss_Circal


      Still. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 


    P A (I) N C A K E S

    1. CoolAnimeHustler


      ʕु-̫͡-ʔु”-- LOL


  10. Yay for the site being back again.

  11. I have a feeling that Persona 3 is getting a remake.

    1. StrikeFreedomGirl555


      Yet another Persona 3 remake?!

    2. Weiss_Circal


      I think it's likely.

  12. Greenpath, Crystal Peak, The City of Tears, Queen's Garden... pretty much any location in Hollow Knight because I find them all to be beautiful.
  13. Have you tried redownloading it? Is there something missing from the folder?
  14. Weird. Does it require a certain stage to be played normally?
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