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  1. While looking back at Super Mario Odyssey

    It constaintly reminds me of Sonic adventure DX/Sonic Adventure and even Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy


  2. Some GIFs i made in fighter factory (made from bordem...)

    More may come...


    1. MugenGuy4164


      Am i that really good at spriteing (like smoothing out the edges when resizing a certain sprite part?)

  3. Some new character i did again...

    (I barely have any time to make a full game remake of something and yes that Mario vs Sonic Fullgame by tanicfan...)


    1. cartwheel champion

      cartwheel champion

      Mario vs. Sonic remake? I'll keep a lookout for that...

    2. MugenGuy4164


      Im calling that remake NINTENDO vs SEGA (fanmade always...)

  4. People say this whenever they see Sumin's sans (when i edited his life over 1)

    They say "but sans should die in one hit": First one hit hes dead unlike in UNDERTALE he just takes it when hes fully tired in the genocide route

    In MUGEN he just dies easily making the match too fast and not really fair

    1. MugenGuy4164


      additonal things i forgot to mention or correct: In MUGEN if Sumin sans crouches he can die that easily in one hit if his HP is 1 (which he cant avoid moves when he is not in the air or standing)

      In UNDERTALE each FIGHT turn he keeps attacking and repeats till he gets tired and after his first special attack till the Second one (where he says its nothing)

  5. I dunno what should i add in Yoshyphy (more moves and stuff) (Repainted Alphys)


  6. Oh look i found the death sound of Classic Dee Bee Kaw


  7. too much fillers (i cant handle it)

    Its going great so far...

  8. I dunno if i can still work on a UNDERTALE Repainted character...

    The slight problem are just the sprites that i need from the Mod/Game W/Mod

  9. I'm bored again (cause it kicks in so much)

    Btw the team sonic characters on the left are made by me cause they are remakes of tanicfan's old Mario Vs Sonic characters

  10. Another Characters of mario characters i did And the seem to have a bit of Latroy6 in it And all are done by me however they dont have some gifs yet :P Characters are: Mario,Luigi,Yoshi,Hammer Bro,Koopa Troopa and Shadow Mario (perhaps the hardest a.i. i came up?)
  11. There isnt a good SMG4 just some simple recolor of Super Mario

    And i am still aiming of Latroy6 character like thing

    1. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Hope it's better than the other versions......

    2. MugenGuy4164


      There was gonna be another version by someone else but its probably canclled

  12. After watching that Mario 2017 Trailer

    this reminded me of this video


  13. Sorry for the lack of activity

    Cause i reseted my pc (Again) and i had to wait for a password reset again...

    So heres some things i was suppost to post

    That Sgs wasnt easy to take it on

    I dont seem to like the Game of Sonic.exe itself but the character in MUGEN is great (for bordem and peeps who dont like the said creepypasta game i decided to make a how to make a character not scary soundpack)

    Out of a few character i did of UNDERTALE this is probably my first to Really use overworld sprites

    Some Windows XP stages i did by myself with a use of virtual box.

    There was barely any Sonic Drift Character so heres these i made from bordem (and yes spriteswap of super mario kart)

  14. I mostly like 4V4 battles

    Bonus (although not really related to MUGEN)

    Technically the a.i. just run around in circles if you are in this area while playing this game

    1. cartwheel champion

      cartwheel champion

      I will admit, those battle/chase minigames in London games were the hypest part of the game for me. Even if they aren't exactly the pinnacle of minigame design,

    2. MugenGuy4164


      I mostly enjoy as a evader than a tagger

  15. This was not easy to make...