The Random Funny Pics, Gifs, and Memes Thread :D

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i tho id resurrect the Troll thread that Aly and CiCi made before our new site 1st booted up

but with a new thrill :D 


Post some of ur most RANDOM AND FUNNY PICS, GIFS, AND MEMES here ! they can be frome the Net OR make ur own! 


........well LEGGO!!!

Posted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image


ok lets make it interesting.....if u tho wat someone's pic was hilarious, +1 them but if it was the EXACT OPPOSITE -1 them LOL 


DMC spoiler

For those of u who DONT know, Dante says this line in DMC, once a "white wig" falls PERFECTLY on his head >.> (NT trolling at its finest)


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