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  1. Holiday Presents for the Forum

    No clues lol
  2. Holiday Presents for the Forum

    Holiday Presents for the Forum HOLIDAY PRESENTS FOR THE FORUM!!! This year, behind the scenes, I've been preparing a few special surprises for the forum :) I'm not giving any clues, no hints, no "sneak peaks" nada! I'll just say I think they're going to kick the site up a little bit, and I reeeallly hope you like em! There are 4 presents total, and a stocking stuffer that's not shown here, aaand here's the dates we'll tear the paper off these shiny new toys!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ December 8th ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bodhi Day: the presence of the presents is revealed... ~ December 21st ~ Winter Solstice, Soyal, Yalda ~ December 25th ~ Christmas, Newtonmas, Quaid-e-Azam's Day, Koliada, Pancha Ganapati, Decemberween ~ December 26th ~ End of Hanukkah, Beginning of Kwanza ~ December 31st ~ New Years Eve
  3. New Status (testing 1 2 um 12)

  4. Batman (POTS Style) by Tavo Lopez released (01/22/2017)

    Kinda not surprised. That was one of the characters I learned on, fixing up a couple of his hypers, and debugging a couple random things. But his code was a shit storm. Nothing was properly labeled, commented, named, or separated. Turning that into something really nice would've taken a LOT of work. More than I was willing to put forth anyway. But, to be fair, it was a very decent start. I mean it COULD have been turned into something really nice with the proper overhaul. Too bad to hear this isn't it.
  5. ~ Share Funny Pics, Gifs and Vids

    Can't stop laughing? Gif funny as shit? Post it here! We'll take gifs, pics, vids, articles, quotes, whatever. Just make sure it's Safe For Work. Disclaimer: No guarantees it's getting in. The News Staff has the final say about what they want to use in the news.
  6. Hello Eveyone, Im Shun

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your time here, and find everything you're looking for. Please, no worries, but just for future reference, usually if you're releasing something, the spot to post it is the [ RELEASES ] section. You'll see it on the front page. It breaks down into further sub-sections for specific types of releases, and I believe the one you're looking for is here: Again, no worries, we know it takes a minute to get acclimated to the place. Hope you like what you find here :)
  7. Vote here on what game you think the next Ikemen tourney should be!  Then sign up, and whoop some ass at mugen online, and share your beat down videos with the community!

    1. Flare-Gamer-64


      Haven't played any of those and don't have any characters from said game ether so I didn't vote at all.

    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      If you're interested you can either download them or find links to their release threads here:


    3. Ricepigeon


      As much as I like the fact that Touhou is winning by a landslide, can we at least wait until version 2.5.0 comes out? We've got some huge changes coming with that one.

  8. Bug Trap

    The double post bug usually starts at 4:13 am. I'm going to post on this thread once per minute, starting at 3:55 If we get to 4:18 and the bug hasn't hit, I'm going to try re-enabling the plugins 1 by 1 and posting after each.
  9. I finally solved the fucking Rubix Cube.  No tutorials, no youtube vids, no help, just straight up solved it.

    I've been messing with that thing while on the phone at work for about a month now.   I can do it in about 5 minutes now, reliably.  Which means there are 4 year olds on youtube I might be able to compete with.  

    1. Darkflare


      I just solve it like this


    2. RobotMonkeyHæd


      lol how to basics is sooo good!
      First time I saw that guys stuff I laughed till I cried.

    3. Ricepigeon


      "How to Masturbate" and "How to Make Pepsi" are probably the best things he's ever produced.

  10. ~NOVEMBERS THUMB FU TOURNEY ~ To sign up, just comment on this thread and let us know you want in. Simple as that. Tourney is this Friday Nov 17, 2017 To chat and learn more about how Ikemen works, visit MFFA's Ikemen Discord server here!
  11. Settling in with the gf for some Naruto and dinner. 

  12. Testing Discord channel mffa-activity.  This status update should create a notification in that channel 5 minutes from now.

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Test successful.

  13. Video Showcase at Top of Page

    The Video Showcase at the top of the page is for anyone and everyone to add videos to. It's a YouTube playlist that you can add to simply by clicking the link under the video. Soooo if you have a WIP update video that you, and you want that video in the showcase, go right ahead and add it.
  14. ~ Video Showcase at Top of Page

    The Video Showcase at the top of the page is for anyone and everyone to add videos to. It's a YouTube playlist that you can add to simply by clicking the link under the video. Soooo if your release happens to have a video preview, and you want that preview in the showcase, go right ahead and add it.

    Hello MFFA There have been a lot of new features added recently, as I'm sure some of you've noticed. New emojis, new plugins, and some new text editor buttons to name a few. And there are some more on the way. This thread is for explaining the new features and events as they're arise, and to answer any questions about them. The list is going to continue to grow, so keep an eye on it. Hope you enjoy the new features :) - NEW FORUM FEATURES Sept 5, 2016 - NEW EMOTICONS (Onion Head & Commands Set) Sept 5, 2016 - NEW TEXT EDITOR BUTTONS Sept 14, 2016 - WEEKLY MUGEN NEWS Sept 14, 2016 (COMING SOON) ~ MODERATOR OPENINGS ~ - SEASONAL ONLINE TOURNAMENTS Sept 14, 2016 (COMING SOON) ~ MODERATOR OPENINGS ~ - TOUHOU ONLINE GRAND TOURNAMENT Sept 14, 2016 ~ CURRENTLY ACTIVE ~

    Forum page numbers, forward and back buttons changed from solid white to translucent with text shadow. Transparency returned to avatars, instead of white bg. ...Well technically the bg color was just changed from white to the same color as the forum, but looks transparent :)
  17. Bug Trap

    meep... Can I get a meep meep?
  18. It's Saturday morning 4:13 AM, the bugs normal arrival time...

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Checked the database, clear.
      Posted, no repeat.  
      Made a status update, worked properly.

      ...The bug appears to be dead.  

    2. DuckMannnn


      Hey RMH... is it normal if everytime I go to my profile, my Activity section is replaced with the whole forum's Activity?

    3. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      One little problem though, I see other people's status updates and topics on my profile. And none of my topics and status updates show up from there. 


  19. Bug update:  After too many failed attempts to fix the issue with the help of tech support, I've finally hired a professional to help out.  Sooo it shouldn't be long now.  

    And just a heads up, In the next couple days there may be minor temporary issues while the thing gets worked out, but after that we should finally be in the clear.


  20. Learning Bo Staff

    Last summer I started learning to spin a bo staff. Mostly for fun and exercise, not so much show or self defense. Figured I'd start a thread to keep track of my progress, maybe even get some input or give some pointers, who knows. It's not something I practice all the time, just when I want to get out during the day for a few minutes, get my blood pumping, take a break from the creative flow that I freakin live in. Anyway, started learning this one today. edit: I'm still not convinced I have as many elbows as this guy.
  21. I am currently in the database removing possibly corrupted rows of data, attempting to resolve the bug.  This means I'm going to need to manually trigger the bug to test the results.  So if you see double posts today, that's why it's happening.  Just a heads up.

  22. MFFAWN #25 (Oct 1 - 7, 2017) - Count Faunula

    Hot damn, this issue is sweet.
  23. Thumb Fu Tourney October 2017 ~ Fatal Art

    Thumb Fu Tourney Oct 5, 2017 ~ Fatal Art The live stream vid of the tourney: Aaaand the breakdown: Here's the discord link. Check the Fatal-Art-Tourney-Channel to get a feel for how the in-tourney chatter plays out at ground level, incase you're thinking about joining the next one.
  24. Bluehost's tech support is currently investigating the bug.  They may manually trigger the bug, so even tho it's not Saturday, issues may occur.  If they do, they will be resolved shortly afterwords.

    1. White Ranger

      White Ranger

      I hope this will exterminate that bug for good. :)