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  1. my yearly check in to see if everyone is still alive lol

  2. Been a while since I popped up here I see some new faces XD

    1. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      this is so weird, i was looking in old stage post about an hour ago and saw where u posted and i was wondering what u were up to, good to see your still alive and well - ZombieBrock 

    2. Black chaos

      Black chaos

      Good to see you still kicking as well, was looking at the old GamingFreeForAll channel and thought why not see what's going on with MFFA

  3. DONATIONS! 2016!

    Don't mind me just passing through
  4. No I didn't but I forgot that the dlc stages don't count toward them only being on one system over the other like when the game first was released
  5. The Next Legato Tournament

    Out the void to say I'm back XD It's a group on the steam program that allows you to see what game the people in the group have or are playing at the time, it has it's on chat room to set up games to play with others
  6. The Next Legato Tournament

    I voted for something XD
  7. bummed that the dlc stage wii u version is getting is most likely going to just be Dr. Marios
  8. The New Site

    Oh BC is away? maybe I can get back to working on stuff and take back the name XD and yeah I like the new forum I need to visit more often but I'm happy the place is still up and running smoothly, It's nice to be able to long in and still see yall are still around ^_^
  9. The New Site

    I was wondering what happen to the site, checking in and see things have changed XD
  10. Hey can yall do me a fav and vote for me in this I'd like to win a ps4 I'd greatly appreciate it :D

  11. New Version of Street Fighter 4

    yes the new stages as well as the 5 capcom characters are from SfxT it's a way of capcom saying we are done with that game. In tourny Cammy is the most hated character for this version of the game. She was always a good character but shes great in this version the only other 2 character that are up there with her are akuma and Fei long.
  12. Behavior (as of late)

    What did I miss?
  13. New Version of Street Fighter 4

    She's alway a charge character which makes how she plays alot different, she plays more like Juni from Alpha 3 the only problem people have with her is she looks like cammy who is the most hated character right now
  14. Grouping

    we got levels again lol