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    We don't know what will happen tommorow.
    Stupidity can't be cured.
    Must accept the truth in our live.
    Kill if need for a brighter future.
    Don't try to annoy me even you are troller.
    Future can't stop you forget the past.
    If we can repeat the time it not mean we can change everything.
    Crying is better than run away.

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  1. GFX For Share

    looked pretty nice, liked those effect ;)
  2. GFX For Share

    sure np ;) haha yeah sort of, good to see you around mate. another piece played with pen tool lol mess around xD
  3. GFX For Share

    yeah i do np,thx ;) here's another one,also requested
  4. GFX For Share

    thx mate was a requested tag,i tried something new really enjoyed making it ;) look better in darker BG :D
  5. GFX For Share

    ofcoz i do bruh ;) haha,also i'm starting to gfxing back,good to see you around
  6. GFX For Share

    yo been a while haha ,i've updated banner for this thread the old banner link is broken new banner have a nice day ;)
  7. GFX For Share

  8. How sexy is your username?

    mine 1189 =_="
  9. Signatures!

    have to change my badass sig into these xD
  10. who's the best ?

  11. GFX For Share

    @winmugen11 : no problem @Ryoucchi : hahaha yeah i can,it would be easy you use Photoshop :) trust me mate
  12. GFX For Share

    =_=" @winmugen11
  13. GFX For Share

    excahm : no problem need any help ? if you need pm me PSD file
  14. GFX For Share

    ~ B U M P ~ Excahm : your YouTube banner
  15. GFX For Share

    shiny like this ?