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  1. Nakoruru by BluishCat released 5/15/2016

    Video: Download:ナコルル)
  2. Satsuki OR2 by M3 released 3/26/2016

    Download: I'm only just now finding out about this. How did no one report it?
  3. MFG Topic:
  4. Black and White.I'm pretty hyped for Mokou.
  5. Midoriko v1.00 updated by yameteoke 07-03-2016

    A WIXOSS character. Well I'm interested in how this works.
  6. Gajeel and PxZ Ryu

    Aren't the PXZ sheets missing stuff like movement and get-hits. How are you working around that.
  7. 2014: "Can't wait to start looking into learning German."

    Almost 2016. Was (pitifully slowly) learning Japanese the whole time.

    1. Galvatron



      In need to start back Learning Japanese. :-)

  8. Stage Collection Directory

    Eternal Fighter Zero links to Fate/Stay Night.
  9. DC_Judas by 空気王 updated (07/13/2015)

    I remember this being released years ago. Sure this isn't an update?
  10. MFFA's Shit Thread: Chimichanga Edition

    It's completely different. It's a dark fantasy/tragedy story. You should read it.
  11. Hanaqo Amasone by oga updated 06/14/2015

    Video: DL:!AIvamC_1Kcj0TdI
  12. Valeri Flux Screenpack

    I like the ideas in the menu. The names should be at the top left and/or at least larger. They're so small and their placement is kind of weird. The Product Info bit also weirds me out but eh. The select screen looks cool too. I'm liking the custom portraits.Fuck bios though.
  13. Video: DL:
  14. Miyuki Shiba by rakurai Released 2/7/2015

    Alright time to put a nigga on blast. "She's like a more broken Archetype Earth with ice powers" What? She's worse than Archetype lol. She's like low-mid tier in DFC I believe. Unsafe on a lot of stuff except for her 214 series if it hits and her Trump Card (which isn't as safe in here. Error on Rakurai's part but thank God anyway lol) She has super armor on her Impact Skills but can punish them with like 2-3 jabs. I can't say anything about her damage though. The Trump Card is right but idk about the rest. Need to compare with the actual game. "and an assist that can't be "cancelled" much like the ones in KOF and Ougon Musou Kyoku (Yu-Toharu's chars, not the main game)" Tatsuya's 5S is an incredibly good counter. I don't see how the opponent can cancel it practically unless they hit Miyuki before he comes out. Which could be hard especially if she's in her Trump Card buff or has her unique potential activated. I don't use Tatsuya assist though so I'm probably bullshitting this. His 6S should have an open window when he's out though. If he can't get cancelled though, that's again an error on Rakurai's part for not implementing that bit. "Not to mention the auto-combos. Do they think we're morons?" No but keep in mind that DFC is aimed at beginners which the developers have said a long time ago. Doesn't mean there's not depth in there though. "Also, auto-combos in a melty-blood "clone"? Seriously? The most easy fighting game in the world?" Oh man. What the hell made you think this was a Melty clone? They are nothing alike. I hope you're not saying this only because it's made by French Bread too. You're probably thinking of UNIEL (which also has auto-combos btw). Also Melty has auto-combos too but not to this nature. And where the fuck did "The most easy fighting game in the world" come from? HONESTLY, I want to say wait for someone like Shana or Kuroyukihime to be made because Miyuki is kind of meh. Please don't form a verdict based on just this. -Signed, A DFC player.
  15. DL: Video: Turns into other characters a la Double.