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  1. phantasia stages

    Good stuff. Really like the bridge stage. Are you planning on doing more Tales stuff? That Farah palette.
  2. Joshua Bright by happa, released 6/13/2016

    Video: Download: From The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter
  3. Nakoruru by BluishCat released 5/15/2016

    Video: Download: (ナコルル)
  4. Satsuki OR2 by M3 released 3/26/2016

    Download: I'm only just now finding out about this. How did no one report it?
  5. MFG Topic:
  6. [WIP] RicePigeon's WIP thread: Cirno

    Black and White. I'm pretty hyped for Mokou.
  7. Midoriko v1.00 updated by yameteoke 07-03-2016

    A WIXOSS character. Well I'm interested in how this works.
  8. Gajeel and PxZ Ryu

    Aren't the PXZ sheets missing stuff like movement and get-hits. How are you working around that.
  9. 2014: "Can't wait to start looking into learning German."

    Almost 2016. Was (pitifully slowly) learning Japanese the whole time.

    1. Galvatron



      In need to start back Learning Japanese. :-)

  10. Stage Collection Directory

    Eternal Fighter Zero links to Fate/Stay Night.
  11. DC_Judas by 空気王 updated (07/13/2015)

    I remember this being released years ago. Sure this isn't an update?
  12. MFFA's Shit Thread: Chimichanga Edition

    It's completely different. It's a dark fantasy/tragedy story. You should read it.
  13. Hanaqo Amasone by oga updated 06/14/2015

    Video: DL:!AIvamC_1Kcj0TdI
  14. Valeri Flux Screenpack

    I like the ideas in the menu. The names should be at the top left and/or at least larger. They're so small and their placement is kind of weird. The Product Info bit also weirds me out but eh. The select screen looks cool too. I'm liking the custom portraits. Fuck bios though.
  15. Orie and Selvaria by 41

    Selvaria is in the DFC collection