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  1. [PC]Super Mario Bros Crossover

    Oh crap I thought I put the website down, thanks ZombieBrock.
  2. [PC]Super Mario Bros Crossover

    If you have not tried this when it first came out I suggest doing so now, it is very entertaining. Plus you can play it on your browser while using your favorite gamepad.
  3. [Wii] Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom Ultimate All-Stars

    Casshern Sins isn't well known because the story progression of each episode is well, either not there and/or has to be interpreted by somebody that knows the story already for other people to have interest in watching. Even then it falls kinda short, although the art style is damn gorgeous and the action sounds are very well selected. Funimation picked up a few Tatsunoko titles can't be THAT obscure, I think?
  4. [PC] Halo: Combat Evolved

    Played this in high school at school, the Lan parties were ridiculously fun. Tons of people to play since it was on our school laptops. I'd say the only reason I'd be playing Halo since I don't own an Xbawks.
  5. [PC] Dungeon Fighter Online!

    They left how how Nexon trolls you with their costly required quests, and bosses with small hurtboxes but huge hitboxes.
  6. No real fan can put into words how much they enjoyed Ocarina of Time. In my opinion anyway, mostly because I can't. Simply saying it was a damn blast IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Majora's Mask on the other hand, is also fun in its own regard but not like Ocarina of Time. The biggest cock tease being that you could only use the Fierce Deity's Mask to fight in the end.
  7. Sonic Generations

    They're actually still making Ep 2 of that, wow. As for Tails not being playable in a Sonic (Adventure) game, the last time he was playable was in Sonic 2006?
  8. [ARC] Marvel Vs. Capcom

    [Offtopic] Isn't raremew posting like some sort of spam or something? [Ontopic] I really played this too much when it came out, years later I still say "INFINITY" in my head when I see Ironman's PROTON....CANNON! Either that or random times when something "super" happens.
  9. [ARC] Mr.Do's Castle

    Looks like it would make a good cell phone game.
  10. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    If anything this will shut up those that kept complaining of his low health, they knew what they were doing for once with him. I mean FFS one touch Thor, thats damn crazy considering he has the highest health in the game.
  11. Street Fighter X Tekken

    No, that wouldn't be fair. The only reason the PS3 is getting so many exclusives is because Sony negotiates deals with the gaming companies. Seth said so himself in an interview about SFxT. Have M$ kick out a few more $ and you'll get more exclusives. As for people not talking, I'd rather have that than the 360 stereotype. Though in the games I've played online there were healthy amounts of talking. Although the communication functions for the PS3 really blow in comparison to 360, since in most games (not the COD series) more than two headsets on disrupt the flow of voice data for some reason. I'm pretty sure the only reason the Youtube uploader works on PS3 is because it has built-in browser support while 360 doesn't. The 360 probably has function issues dealing with that. My speculation of course.
  12. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    Yea no other "unplanned" DLC, that is why they said what they said in that response to not putting BBAMM in UMVC3. Just like Black Chaos' example, this was based on sales, player's feedback, and bug testing. It was bound to come.
  13. Street Fighter X Tekken

    Got damn Ono, hes been spending too much time on the internet like the rest of us. You'd think this would result to bad sells, but you haven't seen what console they started using more at major tournaments. If this came out about 1.5-2 years ago then I'd agree, but more tournaments have started using PS3 over 360. The irony being that most players at them play primarily on 360. Besides with Sony advertising to a more general audiance the pitch is more towards getting non-fighting game players to buy it. Just think of the appeal Pac-man would have on grandparents that happen to see the commercial showing him. Hell I know a good few hundred sales will come from Cole being in there alone. I don't think I need to mention what will happen in Japan because of Toro and Kuro, maybe because of Bad Box Art Megaman too since the original series has a bigger scene there than over here.
  14. [GC] Custom Robo

    I played it to completion when I first got it. I played it a couple weeks ago and I was thinking "how the hell could I play this?".
  15. Street Fighter X Tekken

    I wouldn't say backstab, that would be like Capcom saying they will put Megaman in and we got this. I'd say it is Capcom being ridiculously literal, jock monkeys.