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    I like video games. I like classic fighting video games more, partly because I get to use them in M.U.G.E.N, I'm good at them, and I like them more. But I still enjoy modern games too.

    I was kinda lazy to put anymore stuff here. Might edit it soon.

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  1. I know we haven't talked in a looooong while, but, uh. How's it goin'?

    A crapton has changed over the... previous site, but since we never talked ever since I joined MFFA, I just want to know how you're doing.



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      Oh, cool.

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      by the way, I meant my Discord address, so if you want to talk, just ask him my Discord IP

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  2. Getting Active to YT/M.U.G.E.N Again Hey, guys. I'm Gojiran103. Some may know I've started a YouTube channel about M.U.G.E.N fight videos, and that I've been a little inactive for a few months. It's just that I've been pretty busy and wasn't able to continue any content on YouTube. From here on later, or hopefully for a little while, I'll start becoming active to YouTube and continuing my content. Stay tuned! Link for channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA5eXx7UjPsaOHVARqB3wCg
  3. YouTube Account!

    Hi there! I'm Gojiran103. Most might not remember me, but I'm a n00bie at MFFA. I've made 2 posts thus far and I've been a little inactive for a while - however, I've made a YT account. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA5eXx7UjPsaOHVARqB3wCg At my channel, every once in a while I'll do M.U.G.E.N videos. These will be videos with a promising high definition quality and perfect movement for you and the like (even though my first video says otherwise.). Please rate, like, and subscribe to my channel. Catch you soon.
  4. Hello. I need a hand. I installed the 4,830 character slot version of the EVE screenpack, but I received the 800 character slot version instead when I had installed it. So, I started from scratch, back to the default M.U.G.E.N screenpack to see if I did anything wrong. Anyone know how to fix this?
  5. I originally had a lot of info down here, but I didn't manage to submit it because I wasn't signed in the whole time, and it made me start from the beginning. Very frustrating, MFFA. But no matter. I'm Gojiran, or Fancy Kyo. I hope you enjoyed this very short message, and hope to see you some other time. Cheers.