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My 4shared folder


I fixed some random bonus stages and stuff.

fixed_madgear.zip = Madgear bonus character fixed. Proper scaling, enemies use the player type helper, and don't move stupidly. This means that turning the right direction is possible.

fixed_sf2car.zip = Proper scaling and a bunch of fixes for various hits. I never really finished this, so uhh...it's probably a mess of functional.

fixed_sf2chunli.zip = Shacti's Chun-li with proper scaling and proper motion for Spinning Bird Kick. Nothing else.

fixed_Zombiehorde.zip = The zombie horde bonus character using player type helpers so that you face the right direction and it's not impossible.

Other note worthy things:

Mario Stage Fix: Do this in statedef 0 to make characters work on the mario stage and sf2 bricks.

[state 0, 5] ;Are you floating?

type = ChangeState

triggerall = pos y < 0

trigger1 = (pos y) - (helper, pos y) > 0 ; Only if I'm not standing on a helper.

value = 50

And I updated all my other stuff. My crappy screenpack fixed up, a fix for my life bars, added some missing hit sparks, fixed the break the walls bonus, fixed the oil drums again, and made a minor adjustment to ccirugal94coat.

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