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Agrias(Reborn) http://www.mediafire.com/?5059d89kuzdblkk 1.0 only
Agrias(version1beta) http://www.mediafire...gadnvn4gsomq9uc 1.0 only
Agrias(version2beta) http://www.mediafire...aba5vlpal9jwil6 1.0 only
Agrias(final version)(v1)http://www.mediafire...q5js1ga9artnah2 1.0 only
Agrias(final version)(v2)http://www.mediafire...jzvv7p5a7v8zlum 1.0 only
Ivonne http://www.mediafire...70j3k0s6t1qhkvk 1.0 only
Animated stage http://www.mediafire...9t8v2w5ctd1zop3 Animated stage is mark as newstage on mediafire

Agrias(version1beta) : this is my beta version, she lacks a good AI for now (but this will change in the next version, which i'm working on now). however she can be very dangerous in the hands of any mugen player, she as a good array of moves and well responsive, her scale size is set at .78, so she is alittle smaller than normal ( the reason for this is that i try to scale all my characters to be around the same size as bleach and non-chouji style dbz characters for the project that i am doing). things to come in the next version= AI, a couple more moves, lightning armor duration by time(not by power bar), adjusted damage, 2 different size verions (.78 and .98(normal size)), and adjusted controls, i estimate the new release will happen around chrismas time.

Agrias(version2beta) : this versions' AI has been upgrade (its a tuff AI), i've added a couple of moves as well as adjust others, i've added acouple of intros' and a win pose, and fix alot of bugs, however this character is still a beta, my final version will have some minor changes, but this beta version is highly playable and dangerous. she is about 90% to 95% complete. please fell free to coment on this character, i would love the feedback.

Agrias(final version)(v1) : 2 different sizes (normal size and my size) and 3 different AI levels (easy, normal and hard), easy is stupid easy, if you cant defeat the easy AI, then you're playing the wrong game, normal can be tough, and hard is well hard.
things i've done this version....
i've fixed the palletes' of the fireball, changed the charge to where you can get hit as well as making the effect more transparent, removed the air fireball, fix the icespell so when you do it in the air and p2 is in the air the ice stays rooted to the ground, fix the rising blade added a second hit to knock up p2 before going into risingblade (it works on just about anysize character now, even chibi's) if the first 2 swings of the attack dont hit she wont go in to rising state, also fix the bug where she stands in the air as well as the bug where her fire and ice spells when cast wont go in to repeated sprites ( you know, where the animiton is stuck in a loop but does no damage), also i came out with a casting break for the fire, ice, lightning, cure and holy(two inch) spells, so no more casting them 5 times in 3 seconds, now there's a wait (not long though) for about 2-4 seconds before casting again( exept the cure spells) makes her less cheap, as for the cure spells go i've added a helper effect to agrias after casting cure(reagain effect if you will) it last about 20 seconds (80 seconds after super cure), but while this is in effect she cant cast cure or charge. i've also fix the teleports (they look much better), as well as added 5 more moves (airblade, triple airblade, teleport attack, spell blade, and crush sword), special thanks to "noctis" for providing the sprites and idea for the air blade as well as much need feedback.

Agrias(final version)(v2) : updates done for final version(v2) from final version(v1)
first and mainly i've changed out her spells (fire,ice,lightning) with
better looking ones
i've made the crush sword unguardable
fixed the charging combo move, now it puts p2 at right position when it hits, so now all her attcks connect
(still an issue with it if p2 is in the corner and you use the move in the same corner) but how often does that happen?
adjusted some of the damage, mainly the spells and stasis sword when in a combo
and a few other minor adjustments.

Agrias(Reborn) : massive changes have been made to this version of Agrias

the main thing ive done is added state changes (normal, fire, holy, dark) all have different moves

adjusted damges to existing moves and added new moves including ethereal mode

new intros and win poses

adjusted the AI(its harder now, and more diverse)

Ivonne : she is about 95% complete, i have here set to normal size (1), things to come in the next version, acouple more moves, some minor adjustments, and 2 different size versions (.8 and 1). this character has 3 different AI settings ( can be set in the def file), theres easy, medium, and hard. anyone can beat the easy setting, however the difference between medium and hard is that hard has a higher block rate as well attack rate, but the real difference is on hard she will almost always teleport out of a get hit state or counter out of it (most other characters AI will lose against hers, only a handful of characters can beat her).

Animated stage : this is a small stage, you cant pan left nor right and there is no superjump, however this stage is huge in memory (128.68MB), this stage starts out with some snap shots then turns in to a full animation (its like one big screen tv) it last 4-5 minutes than repeats. there are 3 different soundtracks that come with it (you can decide which one is best, or put your own music to it). this stage is set to be 640x480 res.

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Oh I see you also one of those older people me 32 you 33 and still posting wild madding Laharl. Want to say I like the effects and AI you make for Agrias (Two things I am awful at. But see for yourself what I spriteswap in the release section, they have none of this, you can get your hands on them if you want since I am just want that this char exist in Mugen no one else do)

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After testing the Agrias(final version)(v2): here my feed back The good 1.Great edit rip effect sprite 2.Animation is Good and decent sprite The Bad 1.Character need more to work on 2.Removed the some the effect sprite recreate your own 3.When playing vs with CPU the Character play like Overpowered God Character. than need to be fix and need its attention 4.The AI way too aggressive . u cant get a single hit My result 1.there was no problem with character 2. Playable but can lose interests when versus the CPU 3.Great character for those are a Fan of the Final fantasy game or a Fan of collecting God Characters and Overpowered type

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