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[Saikano] Chise By Minoo


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Movelist(Cause i'm nice):

qcb= quarter circle back, qcf= quarter circle front, D= down arrow, LD=left down, RD= Right down R= Right

Basic attacks:
A: Melee hit
B: fires your gun once
C: fires the cannon
Up arrow: Jump(you can double jump)
Up arrow+pressing forward arrow twice: air dash(can dash twice per jump)
qcb+A: Fire a missile
Up arrow+A: air melee attack
(After jumping)+qcb+A: Firing missile from air(you can do it twice per jump, as seen in my video)
qcf+A: Wing attack
(After jumping)+qcf+A: Flying attack
D+A: ground melee attack
D,D, L, LD+A: Firing three missiles upward
qcf+B: machine gun
qcb+B: walking machine gun (chise fires her gun to the ground and moving forward)
Up+B: Firing her gun once in the air (can be continued fired until she reach the ground)
D+B: Firing her gun downward
qcf+c: white cannon (the color of the cannon is white instead of flame color)
???+c: charge shot (this is the only deflectble long range move in this char, i have done it a few time before but i don't even know how i did it)
qcb+c: walking cannon (same thing as walking machine gun, but i think you can go back and fouth to burn your opponent with this move, i have done it before)
R+c: explosive cannon
Up+c: firing her cannon in the air (can be comboed by another one, just to rape your opponent)
D+c: ground cannon (your opponent will go upward due to the force created by the ground cannon)

Now for some super moves
qcbx2+a (1 power guage): missile wide shot
qcfx2+a (1 power guage): stretch wing attack (can be done in the air)
qcfx2+b (1 power guage): continuos machine gun (this is how i rape my opponents: one shot of the gun, then a machine gun, then this super move)
qcbx2+b (1 power guage): walking machine gun+cannon+missiles (can be done during walking machine gun)
qcfx2+c (2 power guage): super ground cannon
qcbx2+c (full power guage): laser cannon (my favorite move, can really deal some serious damage)

comment: well this is a fun character to play with, but some people say she is cheap, and i don't blame them, you can do a lot of spamming with this char, as you can see in my video, i spammed air missiles on Warcueid, and that well raise my power guage, and then i can do a laser cannon. but i recommnd you add this to your collection

See? I updated masterfu's link! (Pfff, as if it was a big deal doing this LoL)
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