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English Voicepack for CHOUJIN's Hercule

Super Nicholas

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Before anything is said, YES, I know there is already an English voicepack for Hercule. The reason I made this pack is because when I tried to download the original English voicepack, I got "Invalid or Deleted File" crap.

For the voicepack, I used sounds from Balthazar & Cybaster's version of Hercule (yes, the joke character). Overall, they seemed to fit pretty well with this Hercule and I think I did a good job. My thanks go to Balthazar & Cybaster for creating the Z2 version of Hercule.

Some of the sounds fit especially well, such as him shouting "Dynamite Kick!" or "I've got a present for you!" during his aerial kick and his present bomb counter respectively.

You want it? It's your's my friend, as long as you click this link.


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