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Edit and Fixes to Leonidas (300guy)

Super Nicholas

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I'm pretty sure we've all seen this character get bashed by Dancing Banana in ironcommando's videos.

It's 300guy aka King Leonidas.

The character was pretty crappy, but he's the only Leonidas for MUGEN out there.

He was also pretty hard to find in the first place...

I mainly kept him as novelty and because he was the only Leonidas made for MUGEN.

Well, anyway, I have made fixes to him and made him better. He still looks pretty bad, but he has better gameplay and animation speeds.

I have even been able to defeat AirMoto (A very cheap character) flawlessly with the edits I made.

I didn't really bother adding grab sprites to him, because he is still crappy 300guy, but I have made edits to make him better.

His animations are faster so he can combo better.

His aerial move can be used multiple times in one jump and doesn't repeat the animation over and over.

His breakdance animation isn't a silouette of Kung Fu Man.

His Sparta Kick animation has been repositioned.

His hypers now use the hyper bar. Brittney Spears projectile uses 500 power, while the Breakdance and Sparta Kick use 1000 power.

His guard is different. He uses his sword to guard instead of going into a hurt animation.

His commands have been remapped to use x, y, and z. His hypers have the same commands.

His animations have been positioned better.

His name is now "Leonidas" instead of "300guy".

His hit animations have hitboxes now.

If he is still really that crappy, can't say I didn't try.

Anyway, if you want him or need a Leonidas character, here is the download. :P


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I think Nick would be very happy to see a serious Leonidas else he would not name 300 guy into Leonidas. Personally I would like to see one with cape, golden helmet and spear and a finishing move where he takes of the helmet and kicks the beaten one into a hole and saying "We are Sparta!" and crowd is chearing him.

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