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Uno Tag System ver. 2.5 by UnoShe - UPDATED(12/02/12)


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Great work! However, it seems that the tag system works very well only on the character that have that AI combos that never give at the opponent the possibility to react. The characters that haven't that AI combos or that haven't AI take into account only some commands of tag system. I also think that characters should have an AI that allows them to tag immediately after losing more than half of their energy. These are only suggestions. You have do a good work with your tag patch.

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The cmd files needs a code like this: type = ChangeState value = 4712 triggerall = (var(12) = 1) trigger1 = (life < 700) && (partner, life > 750) && (ctrl) && (random <= 700) && (partner, stateno = 4714) && (statetype != A) && (P2life != 0) ;Taking some damage trigger2 = (life < 400) && (partner, life > 450) && (ctrl) && (random <= 500) && (partner, stateno = 4714) && (statetype != A) && (P2life != 0) ;In the middle trigger3 = (life < 150) && (partner, life > 400) && (ctrl ) && (random <= 300) && (partner, stateno = 4714) && (statetype != A) && (P2life != 0) ;Life is really low persistent = 0 This code is ripped from the tag system by Sludge. If the energy is depleted by a third, and only if partner has more life, the partner tags in. I don't know if it works with your tag system.

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