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[PC] Collection Of Horror Games

~❤Flanya Scarlet❤

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First off Its Survivors Beta Take A Look

Next Is Corridor





I Know YOU ALL Know what Slender is So If you want me To Post Any Vids of ANY Version Let me know ok Enjoy Those.

If your not into Horror Games Then dont watch AND if you get scared from these Well......I Warned you

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its not even scarey to begin with beat the game in a hour flat it wasnt worth downloading in the first place. beta or not if someone is going to release a game even its not done competely yet then i expect to at least jump out of my chair the first game that scared the shit out of me an still does is clock tower for the psx clock tower for the snes was good also check out that game alone in the dark also scared the shit out of me for the 3do you start with no weapons you have to find your own but the thing that makes it more scarey is the fact you dont no if there behind you since there is no noise so the only way your be able to find out is if they hit you those kind of games are way more scarey fear is also good condemned and condemned 2

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