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DragonBall Z Mugen Edition 2 - Complete Hi Quality mp3 pack

Hollow Ichigo

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Part 1


Part 2



You need to download both part 1 and part 2 to extract the files. When you download both files, open part 1 and extract with WinRAR.

The package includes all sound files from the old DosMugen game DragonBall Z Mugen Edition 2 By Emuboarding.

They are converted in MP3 format, 192 and 128 Kbs, 44100Khz. They sound much more clear and louder than the original midi files.

Plus, mp3 stage music is much more stable for gaming in WinMugen or Mugen 1.0

Enjoy epic moments in your Mugen DBZ games!

All praise goes to Emuboarding.

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