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Steam has Updated


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There's a Beta Access for the new Steam now.

It upgrades Friends, and the Community Sections of the Client.

The Friend Section looks more Social like Facebook and you can see what screen shots your friends posted and what statuses they put up and you can rate them with a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

Posted Image

The Community Section has drastically changed from what you usually see on Player Profiles (which sadly haven't changed).

Posted Image

To something looking way better than before.

Posted Image

The community Page also gives out Hubs, Just like our Steam Page, for Each and Every Game on Steam. So you can see Videos, Screenshots, Discussions or Mods that people have done with the Game.

Posted Image

Right now the first 50,000 steam members that have the Pillar of Community Badge get access to the beta and also get a 2nd pass to share to someone else.

Don't know when this will be officially released, but so far it's pretty neat.

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