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Lucky Note (Lucky Star + Death Note)


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this is probably one of my shames, as a creator.

im suprised people actually like it.

Oh come on Ryon. There is different audience. Some like the cute simple stuff. Some like recreated stuff. Some like original.

Some like unseen stuff and complex stuff. Some like perfect stuff. For myself I like armors and swords, ninjas,CVS normal sized characters and the atmosphere in Castlevania Sotn, Actraiser and Demon Crest. But mostly I like to see the existing of char that exist from a game even the source of sprites is not much because of the age of the game... I am nostalgic person.

As well you can always update and other can edit the existing stuff. Having raw diamond is still much worth and can not compared with known refined diamond but either on has a diamond or not is still a difference. Creating is an act by inspiration and symphaty, the outcome is at time intented and at times not. And even as good as one hold other have different measure for the creation one made.

It is art! Art is to create attention and inspiring ones imagination.

The question is: What have you felt at that time when you made the piece of art? Where you happy at that time?

That is the only thing that counts "from that moment" a precious moment that influence you later development and concious.

What you feel after is what you feel "after".

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