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[PC] How to sign up for PSO2 pre Beta :D By me


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Ok pre beta for the Phantasy Star Online 2 coming in japan on 21th of June so that mean you must be ready on June 20th. you have to understand that they are One day ahead of us. so its best to sign up now before too late.

Tip: You must have window 7 or window xp sp3 Operating system to play this game

Tip for Vista user: if your using Window vista you may gonna face problem so I wont recommended

System requirement for pso2

32bit OS Windows XP version·

64bit or 32bit edition version Windows 7 32bit

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 or higher

More than

Ram for Windows XP 1.5GB: memory

Ram for Windows 7 :2 GB memory

HDD of 8GB or more free space

1280 × 720 or higher resolution monitor graphics card or NVIDIA GeForce 7800GT graphics cards or better

Sound card compatible sound card DirectX (at least DirectX 9.0c)

DirectX ® DirectX 9.0c or higher

Broadband Internet connection (such as fiber-optic ADSL ·)

Ok to begin you want come to this link here


on the big yellow text bar you put your email and click the blue text bar

Posted Image

once you that ok.

you must go to your email that they will send you a email for the next set. click the the link they send you

Posted Imageonce you click the link they send you here so you can start registering with them

TIP:Please dont use cap or funny symbol when registering to there beta

the picture I made show u what to do

Posted Imagescroll down a bit and you see a Japanese bar text .they want you to choose a secret question with a answer

pick the 3rd Japaneses text that is shown on my picture here

Posted Image

make sure you copy and paste this text : トミー my picture I made can show what I mean

Posted Image

scroll down a bit more and click the grey text bar

Posted Imagehere show that you made the registration once your done scroll down a bit and click the first grey text bar that shown on my picture

Posted Imagescroll down then click agian the grey text bar

then you come to this point of the page and once again click the grey text bar

that shown on my picture

Posted Imagenow scroll once more and you see this: ファンタシースターオンライン2

under the Japanese katakana you see a grey bar click on the grey text bar that is shown on my picture

Posted Imageand again its gonna take you to another page and click the first grey bar text that shown one my picture

Posted Imageand click this LAST grey button and your register for pso2 is done YAY

Posted Image

and your done now only thing u need to do is download the game here



Posted Image

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