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The Bat Cave (Low and Hi-Res)


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The Bat Cave. This town needs an enema.

Posted Image

Download Low-Res

Download Hi-Res

Super Jump - Yes

Animated - Yes

BGM - No <-- I like Eminem's - Must be the Ganja for this one, but that's just me.

__/ Low Res

I started with this sprite from either Flamekyo or LTD I believe,

-Rescaled and realigned everything

-Added pulsing glow

-Added beams of light

-Added front railing (that was a bitch)

-Threw some fog in there.

__/ Hi Res

This is my first shot at making a stage from total scratch, so any feedback is more than welcome

-Read the color loss section of Cybaster's stage tutorial, which is fantastic, btw.

-Found a clean version of the original sprite

-Carved out front layer in photo shop

-Broke it down into red, green and blue components for color preservation

-Chopped up and re-angled light beams

-Added floor and ceiling fog.

__/ Updates to both 6/12/12

-centered the bat symbol

-hr stage symmetrical (lr basically symmetrical)

-tweaked tension

-tweaked floor tension based on Alucard's Batman's jump height.

-stage no longer fascinated with projectiles


For a version of Alucard's Batman with minor updates (so far) check out my edits thread.

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