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[Atari 500 - Up] Favorite Atari Game?


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Hi. As the title says, this is a thread for chatting about your favorite Atari Games! So, let's get going. My personal favorite is the Chuck Norris game.. Can't remember the exact name.. Ah, oh well. Anyway, there it is.

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Doesn't look like much, but I still play it from time to time using the NDS Atari Emulator.

You are that yellow submarine, and you have to rescue the divers. Shoot the enemies and not get yourself blown up.

However, you run out of air/fuel, so you have to surface to refuel, if you haven't collected such and such amount of divers

before resurfacing, you lose one.

Doesn't look like much, but it was a cool game for the Atari at the time, because so many of us Atari owners got jibbed into buying

crappy games that had no point or thought whatsoever put into them.

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