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The King of Dragons


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Remake of the collection made by Gui0007. Click in the author name to download. If you had any MUGEN material related, you're free to post in this topic.


PLAYER SELECT - Enemies & Bosses (no hero character has been mugenized yet)


H1fxBH8.png 80Aboup.png     n04f3ht.png    

Minotaur: Ninja & L.C || Orc King: Dark Ruler(Beta) || Wyvern: Dark Ruler 


m8Mog7w.png  2RiC23t.png     KKCowFh.png

Dark Apprentice: Dark Ruler || Dark Wizard: Dark Ruler || Hydra: Dark Ruler / Dark Ruler (new)


  lr9aSWg.pngHXrmxUo.pngQimYDOF.png hNVPXrP.png

Dragon Rider: Dark Ruler || Great Dragonian: Dark Ruler || Giant Spider: O Ilusionista || Red Dragon/Gildiss: Dark Ruler





Archers: Dark Ruler



Treasure in an Old Castle (Stage 2): by Omega & OldGamer / by Vegaz Parrelli || Trent Woods (Stage 7) by O Ilusionista



From Spriters Resource: Arcade Version || SNES Version

From Sprite Database: Arcade Version || SNES Version


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